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State of African Cities 2010 , Governance, Inequalities and Urban Land Markets
Price: $35.00
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    The State of the African Cities 2010 goes above and beyond the first report, which provided a general overview of housing and urban management issues in Africa. With the subtitle: Governance, inequity and urban land markets, the report uncovers critical urban issues and challenges in African cities, using social and urban geography as the overall entry points. While examining poverty, slum incidence and governance, the report sheds more light on inequity in African cities, and in this respect follows the main theme of the global State of the World’s Cities 2010 report. Through a regional analysis, the report delves deeper into the main urban challenges facing African cities, while provoking dialogue and discussion on the role of African cities in improving national, regional and local economies through sustainable and equitable development. The report has been drafted in cooperation with Urban Land Mark. Through an analytical survey of several African cities, the report examines urban growth, social conditions in slums, environmental and energy issues and, especially, the role of urban land markets in accessing land and housing.

    Titles in the Africa Cities Reports series:

    • The State of the African Cities Report 2014
    • The State of African Cities Reports 2010
    • The State of the African Cities Report 2008

    DOWNLOAD: (10,868 Kb)

    ISBN Series Number: - Not available -
    ISBN: 978-92-1-132291-0
    HS Number: 190/10E
    Series Title: - Not available -
    Pages: 270
    Year: 2010
    Publisher: UN-HABITAT
    Co-Publisher : - Not available -
    Languages: Français, English
    Themes: Information and Monitoring
    Branch/Office: Regional Office for Arab States
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    it is interesting to have this. Olumuyiwa Adegun
    Very interesting and important for someone like myself who lives in the continent Paulino Domingos
    Hey, good to find someone who agrees with me. GMTA. hcRMKneeqpOvaiG
    excellent. Peter Adeyemo
    Just want congratulate you for your excellent and great job with this file. Many thanks. Zanoah Bia, Property Developer + Publisher Zanoah Bia
    it is ok. Evin
    Appreciate the useful information I will be getting from the materials Renato S. Gamboa
    Very informative material. Renato S. Gamboa
    A must read for policy makers. Ibrahim Abdullah
    very good mohamed El Raey
    Good for managing our cities so that they respond to the needs of the future Steve Musopole
    An excellent material Adah Paul
    An excellent material Adah Paul
    Its a good treat for urban Planners like me, its handy I need more. Ian Chibale
    it is a very good one particularly for us who live in LDC Daniel Tesfaw
    Very interesting Charles Adigwe
    very good ORTIGUE-MOUNOU
    great report nancy muigei
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