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State of the World's Cities 2010/2011 - Cities for All: Bridging the Urban Divide
State of the World's Cities (Series title)
Price: $40.00
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    The world's urban population now exceeds the world's rural population. What does this mean for the state of our cities, given the strain this global demographic shift is placing upon current urban infrastructure?

    Following on from previous State of the World's Cities reports, this edition uses the framework of 'The Urban Divide' to analyse the complex social, political, economic and cultural dynamics of urban environments. The book focuses on the concept of the 'right to the city' and ways in which many urban dwellers are excluded from the advantages of city life, using the framework to explore links among poverty, inequality, slum formation and economic growth. The volume will be essential reading for all professionals and policymakers in the field, and a valuable resource for researchers and students in all aspects of urban development.

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    DOWNLOAD: (16,806 Kb)

    ISBN Series Number: - Not available -
    ISBN: 9781849711753
    HS Number: 1249/09
    Series Title: State of the World's Cities
    Pages: 224
    Year: 2010
    Publisher: UN-HABITAT
    Co-Publisher : - Not available -
    Languages: العربية, English
    Themes: Urban Development and Management, Information and Monitoring
    Branch/Office: General
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    A well written book! well done for such a great job habitat. this will surely help put those of us in the urban planning career path on the right track. Lucas Patrick
    valuable chenjiapeng
    good taqari
    thanks Adel elsawy
    This is an excellent and very timely resource for academic and research undertakings of social scientists, teachers and studients, as well as for regional/state and city planners. Imelda Z. Feranil
    for yearbook of belarus Alexandr
    Very interesting research. Is this edition available in spanish? cesar ramirez rosas
    very nice book ganjing
    very interesting. wenying xu
    oportuno documento Reynaldo Peguero
    Very nice book. Dan
    Interesante reporte para investigaciones Leonel Miranda
    Very interesting Leonel Miranda
    I hope that will be a useful tool for the researchers and workers in the Urban Infrastructure institutions.It covers the discipline of rural and urban infrastructure, services, and issues. Shahar Bano Faizi
    this is an excellent resource for policymakers, development planners and managers and researchers! Congratulations! I bought the publication from Amazon and I highly recommend it for everyone. imelda zosa-feranil
    I cannot stop myself from reading this knowledge inspired book Khun Kakda
    This book is a companion to students, urban developers, urban planners etc. It propagates the multidisciplinary approach to the problems of slums. As a student my research cannot make sense without reading this book. James Gondwe
    Excellent work adah
    Very good Book Bizhar Khailany
    Very good Michael Cohen
    The Best Fausto de Bessa Braga
    an intresting and valuable work dr khadiga osan
    Necesito este informe para elaborar políticas públicas desde la Defensoría Ciudadana de La Plata Fabián
    very nice giani
    This is really a very comprehensive vital document for urban planning professionals. With the help of available facts, one would be able to carry out sustainability assessment study in each of the listed World Cities. Dr Jayprakash Chadchan
    informative and most useful reference material tree
    Very Nice Deivid Braga
    Very informative and timely- a good companion to The State of African Cities Kolawole
    Thanks for making this available peter williams
    Thanks for sending. Damrongsak
    Christoph Stettler
    Excellent Jose Pinzon
    Thank you Faly
    very nice zhen
    GOOD Fátima Galvão
    very good Cheng Dening
    interesting Guoqing Hu
    important comparative overview of urban trends and research on cities Sasha Tsenkova
    A good publication for our Library Flor Cubero
    Señoras/Señores. Recibimos con gran beneplácito todas las publicaciones que ustedes realizan para ilustrarnos acerca de la consecución de un desarrollo urbano sostenible a nivel mudial. Mil gracias por vuestra defrencia. Atentamente, Sra. Judith Musso Gerente General Científico-Técnico COOPERATIVA ECOLÓGICA FAMILIAR MAGALLY`S 547, R.L. "ÁREA EDUCATIVA AGENDA 21 LOCAL" CARACAS, VENEZUELA, SUR AMÉRICA. JUDITH DEL VALLE MUSSO QUINTERO
    Thanks for sharing Maria
    thanks rostsm
    nice i think ikramsyah
    Insight, Excellent Bonna
    Very good Book seg
    State of the world urban centers is clearly depicted and the levelof the urbanization in this great book. I really found the book educative and interesting. I wish more similar books and upto date information on the global urbanization as it the key issues of urban management problems in developing countries. Zubairu A. Ghani
    very good charles surjadi
    This piece displays a sequence of semantic beauty that aptly pictures the scenario being assessed Yetunde Afe
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