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Global Report on Human Settlements 2009: Planning Sustainable Cities
Price: $58.00
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    Planning Sustainable Cities reviews recent urban planning practices and approaches, discusses constraints and conflicts therein, and identifies innovative approaches that are more responsive to current challenges of urbanization. It notes that traditional approaches to urban planning (particularly in developing countries) have largely failed to promote equitable, efficient and sustainable human settlements and to address twenty-first century challenges, including rapid urbanization, shrinking cities and ageing, climate change and related disasters, urban sprawl and unplanned peri-urbanization, as well as urbanization of poverty and informality. It concludes that new approaches to planning can only be meaningful, and have a greater chance of succeeding, if they effectively address all of these challenges, are participatory and inclusive, as well as linked to contextual socio-political processes.

    Global Report on Human Settlements 2009: Planning Sustainable Cities - Abridged Edition

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    DOWNLOAD: (3,719 Kb)

    ISBN Series Number: - Not available -
    ISBN: 9781844078998
    HS Number: HS/1192/09E
    Series Title: - Not available -
    Pages: 336
    Year: 2009
    Publisher: UN-HABITAT
    Co-Publisher : EarthScan
    Languages: English
    Themes: Urban Development and Management, Urban Transport, General
    Branch/Office: General
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    Urban Planning in developing countries is till practiced in an authoritarian style with obsolete laws, unskilled staff, lack of plans, regulations and ordinances, hence poor development control. Cities are allowed to develop not in public interest but in a chaotic and selfish manner. This call for change of attitude to promote public interest and suatainable development. TPL, Dr. Abubakar Sadiq Sani, MNITP, RTP
    good sampath
    fine sukanya yamkeshom
    I am very interesting at the slums millenium policy giovanni Caudo
    excellent Lazarus Kolanyane
    Excellent kadmiel wekwete
    good Lorenzo Fauvette
    bien nadker
    I believe every planner should obtain and study a copy. Sieghard Knöcklein
    Confirm attendance. Lesiba Sekele
    The work is providing an indepth analysis of major challenges in cities Maloke Joseph
    I am an urban Manager in ethiopia. your works are excellent. Awol Bezabih
    Is there free access? George Mbira
    very good.thank you solimani
    fine khalil
    This book is a required one. I liked too much. Congratulation to all the team. Gaylord
    good sunnana
    An Excellent book for the planners. Mian Asim Ismail
    As I am a town planner, it is in my best interest to learn from the reports from urban programs. I.L. Fajrutheen
    What are the critical situations to urbanization? Ansumana Darboe
    I liked the book! Wafa Al-Daily
    This are good resources and i hope it will be very useful for development work Brown Feix Adewale
    GOOD Fátima Galvão
    I think that the city's sustainability is possible Júlio Moreno
    good thepphathai
    its excellent sarveshwer
    For country with traditional planning system, that Serbia still has, that is painfully passing transition period, such Reports are of high importance- to enlarge the problem of urban planning and urban governance, and give an overview of examples of good practice ratka colic
    This pubication seems to be beneficial and provide significant information about sustainable cities. Dr. Ali Abdelhamid
    I need information about this book. Gabriela Rubin de celis
    I would like to have access to this report for academic purposes. Thankyou for your attention Alicia Ramírez González
    New approaches urgent to address challenges facing urbanization especially in developing nations once and for all felly esilaba
    For my bachelor project concerning sustainable urban developement in Sisimiut, Greenland. Gunnlaug Cecilie Skarning
    There is a need for enhanced support especially capacity related in developing countries cities if any meaningful achievemements are to be realised.Planning should be guided by strong laws and shielded from ignorant politicians and other non professionals. Moses Muturi Ndwiga
    I recommend this book for all in the urban planning profession Ghana and beyond since the traditional master planning system has failed us its time for all to get on board with new approachess precise in this book. EDEN TEKPOR GBECKOR - KOVE
    Excellent work. Now, the hardest part is to implement : To define how to answer good questions, how to apply good practices. Nicolas Broutin
    Urban planning especially in fluid geopolitical contexts such as countries in post conflict recovery, can benefit from early and systematized adoption of sustainable approaches as proposed in this book. Julius Coredo
    me interesa para mis clases juan correa
    1. Mainstreaming previous marginal and neglected paradigms and issues, and formalise all informal looks discussions into main UN-GLOBAL-INTERNATIONAL discourse on habitat, excellent!! 2. Brings new hopes for total reform on city and regional planning including its old paradigms, 3. Answer many questions on discussion with old-fashion planners... break the cognitive constraints so far... again, excellent! M. Jehansyah Siregar
    Magnificent book! Whiscky Mavoni
    This book is very valuable and useful. Dr. Ali Abdelhamid
    Excelente informe rodrigo
    I would like the book. patricia avila garcia
    I would like to buy the book patricia avila garcia
    Finest books to study urban problems and prospects. Heisnam Okendro Singh
    Congratulations. elijah oyugi
    This book is an important guide to the best way of life for everyone. We have to think about poor people and gave them a chance to smile. Congratulations Carlos Eduardo Leal
    good sampath
    Me parece muy oportuno el tema sobre la sustentabilidad de las ciudades, sobre todo por los problemas medioambientales que están mermando la competitividad económica y el bienestar de la población. Fernando Camacho Sandoval
    Ghana, with its conventional planning, this book will be of great help for a paradigm shift in our planning system. kwadwo yeboah
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