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  • Costs and Benefits of Clean Technologies for Bus Rapid Transit: Summary results for Addis Ababa
  • UN-Habitat in Partnership with Africa
    The World Urban Forum was established by the United Nations to examine one of the most pressing problems facing the world today: rapid urbanization and its impact on communities, cities, economies, climate change and policies.

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    Languages: English
    Themes: Urban planning and policy
    Branch/Office: World Urban Forum
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    A good document to facilitate preparatory process and registration to participants and their activities on urban and human settlements issues. Nfally BADIANE
    Congratulations for your strategic plans on improving human settlement around the world. Noor Sultan
    To the urban benefit of all humanity the strategic of this event is will be fruitful. Congratulations. Omar Salcedo Uriza
    I am enthralled to read the document which provides a prelude to the up coming Urban Forum. Many Congratulations. Subhendu Pratihari
    The publication is a capsulated document of the UN-Habitat to facilitate the access to the relevant information so as to participate in such an intellectual feast related to the amelioration of urban settlement system on the earth. Dr.R.V.Verma
    If all UN Organisations were to be down to earth and focused in handling human problems as UN-Habitat with such a document for clearity,then human problems are not far away. Congratulations. Engr. Etandow Randolf
    Urbanisation and development are making the management of our cities more complex and sensitive. This calls for constant study and review of modern Urban Planning and Management principles and techniques, to make our cities conducive for living, working and recreation. The World Urban Forum is a welcome development. TPL, Dr. Abubakar Sadiq Sani, MNITP, RTP
    I am very glad of your extraordinary efforts for human settlement. Abolfazl Ghomshei
    Congratulation for your strategic plans on improving human settlement around the world. Anatole bandu kubuya
    A good document written in plain language. It is a good appetiser for the WUF IV in China. Congratulations. Kabir M. Yari
    Congratulations and I wish your efforts will be fruitful to the benefit of all humanity. Mohamed Al-Baff
    I congratulate UN-Habitat for this publication. It makes a pleasant reading and gives relevant information to a seeker. It is not complicated with jargon and yet stimulates interest in the World Forum. It does not however provide much information about the Nanjing Forum. Wademu Yahaya
    Thank you for your efforts Moses
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