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UN-HABITAT Water and Sanitation books for Upper Primary , McMillan
Aunt Pilipili, The Magic Waterman and The Killer Floods (Series title)
Price: $10.00
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    The Magic Waterman

    Everyone thinks that Mzee Marende is a witch because he always has enough water, even to spare, when other people do not have water to drink. Incensed at Mzee Marende’s mysterious source of water, the people decide to attack him and his family accusing him of witchcraft. They set out to burn Mzee Marende’s entire family. In this exciting story, you will witness the deadly conflict as one man confronts and defeats an entire township. It is one of those stories a reader cannot forget easily.

    HS Number: HS/1074/08E
    ISBN Number (Volume):978-92-1-132068-8
    ISBN Number (Series): 92-1-131923-4

    The Killer Floods

    A deadly disease strikes fear in the hearts of all people. In this exciting story, you will find out what the disease is and how it is transmitted. You will also find out what happens to a girl named Mbona when she gets the disease. Will she survive? To get the answer to this question, read on…

    HS Number: HS/1075/08E
    ISBN Number (Volume): 978-92-1-132069-5
    ISBN Number (Series): 92-1-131923-4

    Aunt Pilipili

    Mr. and Mrs. Ambache travel and leave their young children in the hands of their aunt, Pilipili. The two young children, Ambere and Ndiso, at first dread their Aunt. They find her strict and forbidding. Everything seems to be taboo until they find out that actually…their Aunt isn’t as bad as they thought she was.

    ISBN Series Number: - Not available -
    ISBN: 92-1-131923-4
    HS Number: 1073/08E, 1074/08E, 1075/08E
    Series Title: Aunt Pilipili, The Magic Waterman and The Killer Floods
    Pages: 16
    Year: 2009
    Publisher: UN-HABITAT
    Co-Publisher : - Not available -
    Languages: English
    Themes: Children and youth, Water and Sanitation, Water Sanitation and Infrastructure, Youth, Social Inclusion
    Countries: Africa & Arab States, Kenya, Uganda
    Branch/Office: Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure
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    These are wonderful books - my son loves them Jane Nyakairu
    These are wonderful books - my son loves them Jane Nyakairu
    get news information hlwann moe
    Very educative. Micheal Mobio Gassim
    Very interesting Micheal Mobio Gassim
    These are wonderful books - my son loves them Jane Nyakairu
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