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Meeting Development Goals in Small Urban Centres - Water and Sanitation in the World's Cities 2006
Price: $40.00
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    This is the second UN-HABITAT global report on Water and Sanitation in the World's Cities. This publication looks at small urban centres which tend to be overlooked, however theyaare the first tier markets and service providers for rural enterprise and development.

    Attaining the MDGs overall will depend to a large extent on how we can strengthen the prospects of local economic development and improve the living and working conditions of small towns and cities which, in turn, depend on access to clean water and improved sanitation.

    This publication has a pivotal role to play in global and local thinking on service provision, and a critical contribution to the road map to meeting the MDGs

    DOWNLOAD: (3,032 Kb)

    ISBN Series Number: - Not available -
    ISBN: 92-1-131814-9
    HS Number: HS/816/06E
    Series Title: - Not available -
    Pages: 200
    Year: 2006
    Publisher: UN-HABITAT
    Co-Publisher : Earthscan
    Languages: English
    Themes: Millenium Development Goals (MDG), Water and Sanitation, Water Sanitation and Infrastructure
    Branch/Office: Executive Director
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    I concure with you on matters concerning the improving of sanitation and water supply.However issues on such matters require the participation of the people or the residents in that area .By this I mean that the common person must be educated on the basic strategies towards meeting development goals in these small urban centers.The core factors to be considerred here are the environmental conditions and cultural factors :religions which are known to be a determinant in the implementation of these strategies or rather streamlining the development in the se small towns which I believe consists diverse cultures .Otherwise I appreciate the initiative. Hellen Anyango Obed
    I wish this should be avilable in pdf for for free. I am sure this should be a good publication. Urban Water Adviser, Afghanistan P. Srinivasa Rao
    Water, and sanitation are closely linked with socio-politico religious and gender issues. Rural urban divide and literacy rate of a region also has direct linkage with water, sanitation especaiolly teh reuse of black and gray waters. The initiative is impressive and needs to be continully renewed and revised. Ms.Naheed Ghazanfar; Engr.
    Small urban centers are usually overlooked by the planning policies.The major focus always remains on the emerging centers of trade and economics.This book has raised an important issue regarding water and sanitation in small urban centers.These are also the ones where development is not a planned one and is at disposal of the local residents. If small centers are tapped for planned development, they would grow as planned metro cities and also capture economies faster. Good book, good issue. Divya Sharma
    I am of the opinion that good water supply and sanitation are the foundation on which any sustainable development can be attained.This is so because provision of these two will counter the retrogressive effect of preventable diseases such diarrhoea that claim many childrens lives in the developing countries.If clean water and good sanitation are in place the local people,more so women will spend less time looking for and transporting this valuable water.Good, constant supply of water will certainly improve the lives of many living in poverty though this commodity maybe taken forgranted when you have it a tap away.My hope is that this initiative can be replicated and well managed to the many nations in need in Africa and Asia. Maureen Makayi
    Well the abstract sounds great but am yet to read it since am based somewhere in the bush in South Sudan where WATSAN issues are now becoming a critical issue of concern with increased resettlemnt of returnees and subsequent emergence of small towns allover the place. There is need to open electronic access to those of us in remote places. Hudson Shiverenje
    Small urban centers usually do not have good water and sanitation schemes. The are overlooked during planning. These small urban centers commulatively contribute to a large population of people without access to potable water and sanitation facilities. Governments through both local and central authorities should consider chanelling more funds towards developments of small urban centers lest the millenium development goals may not be achieved CHERUIYOT JOFFREY
    The UN-HABITAT organization is very excellent to the Afghan People and we request you to for focus on this area Kanishka Noori
    I wish all of us especially in WATSAN should share to others the importance of global approach to accessible safe water to drink and adequate and appropriate sanitation methods in our areas. The problem is getting bigger and wider and the gap for people without access especially to urban areas in high density, low-income communities is geeting serious and critical. Its high time that government dismantle all these informal settlers and give them a descent place to live where the issue of water and sanitation can be properly addressed with. Willy Villame
    It is an interesting document that will help all in the water and sanitation sector. Okpe Anselm uche
    It is an interesting document that will help all in the water and sanitation sector. Okpe Anselm uche
    Small cities and town still having a chance to contribute the water service cost. What needed so far is to put in place a friendly strategic mechanism to help the citizen on understanding the services and a friendly water billings paper interactions. Magige F. J
    Guess it is excellent reference document on progress towards MDG. Akhilesh Gautam
    I am of the opinion that increasing water wells in urban and rural area in the especially in the war torn countries will be very effective, because it can reduce workloads in the event of drought occurrence. Most people who have been affected by this are nomads who don’t have machineries or facilities to drill water wells and yet they are most forgotten people in the world. If I give you an example in Somalia, especially in the Gedo region is one of the most affected area by drought, and people in there are still recovering from drought strike in 2005-6. They need emergency relief before it is too late. I would recommend that if there may be any plan to develop such people I could be very helpful to lead you on the right path to overcome this issue. yusuf farah
    this is a long awaited work on two issues regarding life and livelihood in poor countries. I will suggest that similar efforts should be given to other urban infrastructure like electricity power and education. Just as clean water can cut down diseases by half, adequate electricity power supply and good education can have similar or more impact on the poor in terms of purposeful enlightenment, job creation and retention. THANK YOU. aliyu kawu
    Water, and sanitation are closely linked with socio-political, religious and gender issues. Rural urban divide and literacy rate of a region also has direct linkage with water, sanitation especaiolly the re-use of black and gray waters. The initiative is impressive and needs to be continually renewed and revised. Joaquim Jose
    If you really need to promote water and sanitation support for poor people than please encourage them in there saving behaviour first because they will be able to depend on self. Prahlad Khatri
    Cheers pal. I do appreciate the writing. AlUJupdCbpSSj
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