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Resolving land conflict in DR Congo  
Luhonga, 11 Dec 13
"The land helps us to grow food and at harvest, we eat some and the rest is sold to allow our parents to educate us, feed us and clothe us, so that we can live well."
A new urban planning department opens in Mogadishu Municipality  
Mogadishu , 11 Dec 13
The rehabilitated offices of the new Department of Urban Planning  in Mogadishu Municipality (Benadir Regional Administration) officially opened on 10 September 2013. This was followed by a staff training session, the first module in an intensive geographic information system (GIS) course for the department’s newly recruited team, which includes an urban planner, a GIS team leader, three GIS operators, and six surveyors from the regional administration’s Land Department.
Benadir Regional Administration’s new interim legal framework: supporting employment and livelihoods  
Somaliland, 11 Dec 13
Very few laws or regulations exist to support employment and livelihoods in Somalia. Upon the request of the Benadir Regional Administration, and under their direct guidance, the Sustainable Employment Creation and Improved Livelihoods for Vulnerable Urban Communities in Mogadishu (SECIL) Project has developed an interim legal framework to provide legal backing for SECIL activities as well as those of the regional authorities and national government. 
Five hundred houses handed over in IDP shelter project  
Somaliland, 11 Dec 13
A ceremony was held on 19 May 2013 for the handover of 500 durable housing units with sanitary facilities for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and vulnerable households in the eastern Bossaso settlements of Ajuuran, Aboo A, Aboo B, Banadir, Biyo Kulule, Bulo Mingis, Raf and Raho, and New Shabelle.
Increasing the sustainability of solid waste collection services in Mogadishu  
Somaliland, 11 Dec 13
This year has seen the launch of a regular solid waste collection service in four pilot districts of Mogadishu: Hamarweyne, Hamarjajab, Waberi, and Shingani. The initial stages of the door-to-door collection service were supported by extensive awareness-raising campaigns, including street theatre productions, radio soap operas, and megaphone campaigns.
Local leadership and skills management training in Somaliland  
Somaliland, 11 Dec 13
Local leadership and skills management training was completed for the seven Somaliland districts (Burao, Hargeisa, Boroma, Sheikh, Odweyne, Berbera, and Gabiley) the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery is working in.
Mogadishu waste collection companies tour Nairobi  
Somaliland, 11 Dec 13
In July, representatives from Mogadishu waste collection companies and the Benadir Regional Administration travelled to Nairobi for a study visit to learn from successful Kenyan solid waste management companies and, through comparative analysis, to assess and improve the solid waste collection service initiated under the SECIL project earlier this year.
The story of a lost young woman  
Somaliland, 11 Dec 13
Barwaqo Yusuf Nur was born on 1 January 1979 in Mogadishu. Barwaqo was 20 years old when she was separated from her family while fleeing from the terrifying civil war. She still does not know where her parents and sisters are.
UN-Habitat and Bossaso Municipality collaborate to select housing project beneficiaries  
Somaliland, 11 Dec 13
UN-Habitat’s housing programme in Bossaso aims at integrating IDPs into the host community. CHF funded the construction of 150 units this year, while the Government of Japan is funding 1,000 (500 already complete).
UN-Habitat Somalia Chief Technical Officer Dorothee von Brentano retires and acting head takes the reins  
Somaliland, 11 Dec 13
With the scheduled retirement this year of Dorothee von Brentano, the former Chief Technical Advisor for the UN-Habitat Somalia Programme, the appointment of her successor is in progress. 
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