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Sihanoukville, CAMBODIA: Climate Change Vulnerability Asessment  
The vulnerability assessment in Sihanoukville was designed to measure exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity (collectively understood as vulnerability) to climate change in the Municipal area of Sihanoukville.

 Sihanoukville, CAMBODIA: Climate Change Vulnerability Asessment English 27-Feb-13
Mobility for poor: Improving informal transport  
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in partnership with the UN-Habitat organized a three-day workshop titled 'Mobility for poor: Improving informal transport' from 3-5th October 2012. The aim of the workshop was to create a holistic understanding of informal transport systems and to facilitate knowledge/experience sharing on challenges and solutions for improving informal modes of transport like cycle rickshaws, shared autos, mini buses, etc.
 Proceedings of the Workshop 'Mobility for poor: Improving informal transport' 3–5 October, 2012, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi English 28-Jan-13
Improving Informal Transport: Case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America  
Under the aegis of the Global Energy Network for Urban Settlements (GENUS), a network established and facilitated by UN-Habitat, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi is undertaking casestudy research of pro-poor mobility projects from the South/South East Asia, Africa and Latin America Regions. Informal transport modes like cycle rickshaws, mini-bus taxis, shared autos, etc. meet a significant portion of mobility needs of the urban poor in developing countries.
 Improving Informal Transport: Case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America English 2-Jan-13
First PNG National Urban Forum - Statement of Outcomes and Recommendations  
The first PNG National Urban Forum was held on the 22-23 October, 2012, at the PNG Institute of Public Administration, Waigani, NCD, and was attended by over 800 delegates from PNG and overseas. The Forum was organised by the Office of Urbanisation and hosted by the Minister for Housing and Urban Development.
 First PNG National Urban Forum - Statement of Outcomes and Recommendations English 2-Nov-12
WUF6 Universities Roundtable Report  
The Habitat Partner University Initiative was introduced to promote cooperation between UN-Habitat and institutions of higher education, as well as facilitating exchange and cooperation among universities globally. The Initiative entered into a second phase in 2011. In this process a Habitat Partner University Initiative Office within UN-Habitat and an external Steering Committee consisting of representatives from Universities and UN-Habitat. The initiative also developed its Charter and tools for coordination and interaction.
 WUF6 Universities Roundtable Report English 30-Oct-12
Executive Summary of Feasibility Study for a Global Urban Research Umbrella  
UN-HABITAT proposes to support the building of an international urban research network bringing together Habitat Partner University members and other interested parties.A major objective of this network is to significantly contribute to the generation of urban knowledge relevant for the future development of human settlements and to facilitate its accessibility to the key stakeholders. Its vision is to become a global key source of reference for urban innovation, a laboratory generating and exchanging new urban ideas within a vibrant learning environment.
 Executive Summary of Feasibility Study for a Global Urban Research Umbrella English 23-Aug-12
Phase II Workshop September 2011 PowerPoint Slides  
Click here to view the PowerPoint slides of the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP) Phase II Workshop, Strategy and Policy Setting, 19-24 September 2011, Accra, Ghana.
Decentralization in Iraq  
This report presents the outcomes of UN-HABITAT 's International Conference on Decentralization, Local Governance and Service Delivery: Sharing Experience and Sustaining Progress in Urban Iraq, which took place in Amman, Jordan from 8-10 May 2011. The objective of the conference was to provide an opportunity for Iraqi Local Government Association representatives to learn, experience and benefit from the process of decentralization and development of local governments in other selected countries. The conference provided a focused practical perspective on how decentralization in urban areas promotes local government as an effective tool for service delivery
 Decentralization in Iraq English 29-Feb-12
Round Table on Gendering Land Tools at WUF3  
Invitation to the World Urban Forum 3, Round Table on Gendering Land Tools
Wednesday, 21 June 2006, Vancouver, Canada
 Round Table on Gendering Land Tools at WUF3 English 8-Feb-12
Security of Tenure Best Practices  
Various definitions of secure tenure exist, but the most recent definition that was agreed upon during the Expert Group Meeting on Urban Indicators in October 2002, is: “the right of all individuals and groups to effective protection by the state against forced evictions”.

Under international law, ‘forced eviction’ is defined as: ‘the permanent or  temporary removal against their will of individuals, families and/or communities from the homes and/or land which they occupy, without the provision of, and access to,appropriate form of legal or other protection.

The prohibition on forced evictions does not, however, apply to evictions carried out by force in accordance with the law and in conformity with the provisions of the International Covenants on Human Rights (the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).

 Security of Tenure Best Practices English 8-Feb-12
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