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United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA)
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The United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA), established in 2000, is a high-level group of selected mayors and representatives of local authority associations especially chosen on the basis of their local, national and international commitment to engage in the implementation of the Habitat Agenda.

UNACLA was formed as a formal channel to enable local authorities to influence the work program of UN-Habitat. It is also intended to vitalize the dialogue between local and central governments and the United Nations system, bringing to the fore important issues on sustainable urban development and strengthening of local governance.

UN-Habitat and the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) jointly nominate the members to UNACLA. Members must have a political mandate when they are invited to serve the committee for a period of three-years, renewable. UNACLA has thirty-five (35) members and the equivalent number of alternate members.

Each year the Committee focuses on, and works with, a specific thematic issue that is of importance to cities worldwide. The choice of working theme is based on a careful understanding of local authorities and their priorities, and the current global pressures at play. The following are UNACLA's working themes:

Year 2011/2012: Sustainable Urban Mobility;
  Year 2012/2013: Job Creation and Local Productivity;
  Year 2013/2014: Flood Protection and Environmental Resilience;
  Year 2014/2015: Municipal Fiscal Systems and Finances
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