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Supporting Water and Sanitation Reforms in Rwanda
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Africa’s urban population is growing at an alarming rate and this increase is placing a huge strain on the supply of adequate drinking water and increased pollution on water resources threatens the fragile balance of the water ecosystems.

Rwanda posses water in abundance but uses only 12 %of the available resources. Compared to other African countries, this percentage is comparatively low. Water resources are available in quantity but the quality is being deteriorated due to improper uses, poor sanitation and lack of adequate water conservation strategy. With a population of about 8.162.715 inhabitants and a growth rate demographic of 3% per year, Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa.

Location: Kigali, Rwanda
- Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure
Partner: African Development Bank, United Nations Development Programme, Ministry of Water Resources and Mines, Ministry of Urbanism and Infrastructure, Ministry of Gender and Family Promotiion, Director of Water Resources and Sanitation, Municipality of Kigali
Donor: UN-HABITAT Water and Sanitation Trust Fund
- Water and Sanitation
According to a study of the UNICEF (1998), some 50% of the households devote to the minimum a half hour to collect a jerrican of 20 litres of water, while a quarter must set apart more than an hour. This estimate does not take into account the effort and considerable energy used by the women and the children to transport the 20 litres. The water sources are normally located in the valleys, at the foot of the mountains and hills.

The unavailability of drinkable water has two principal negative impacts on the communities: (i) the time devoted to the search for water could be used for income generating activities (ii) the health consequences due to the use of unsafe drinking water.

The Government of Rwanda has implemented reforms to encourage strong economical growth, create employment and improve the social conditions of the population.

Project Activities

Based on the discussions and field visits, a number of areas where the WAC II will collaborate with the Kigali Authorities in the water and sanitation sector have been identified. These include:

  • Development of community managed small bore sewerage system in Cyhafi sector of Kigali
  • Development of rainwater harvesting pilot projects in Cyhafi
  • Development of a Water Demand Management strategy for Kigali with a special focus on poor settlements;
  • Urban catchment management strategy to facilitate appropriate mitigation measures and to reduce pollution from urban activities into water bodies in Kigali
  • Public awareness on sanitation, water conservation and behavioural changes
  • Support to water, sanitation and hygiene education in pilot schools

Implementation Phases

Initial Phase - (May 2005 – September 2005)
This phase involved preparing the project document and getting the document endorsed by all parties.

Preparatory Phase (October 2005 – July 2006)
UN HABITAT carried out a mission to the Rwanda with the intention to evaluate the feasibility of suggested action plans, this phase also involved, the compilation of the project document in order to attract investments and stimulate partnerships. UN-HABITAT developed a partnership framework with the African Development Bank. A national workshop involving all parties was held to validate the project document with the objective of building partnerships.

Implementation Phase (August 2006 – December 2007)
The implement project begins officially when the project document is signed and will end in December 2007.

City Managers Contact
Jean-Marie Vianney Mushinzimana
Unite Eau et Assainissement
Tel: +250 50 3411; 250 8405138
Email: jmushinze@yahoo.fr

Name and Contact of Focal Officer for Gender / WAC programme
Florida Mukarubuga
Association Amizero
Profemme Association Member
Tel: 00 250 08 51 0224
Email: profemme@rwanda1.com

Prf Dr. Munyanganizi Bikoro
Minister of State in Charge of Water and Mines
PB Box 3502 Kigali
Tel: 250 582 575
Fax: 250 587 331

Email: bikoro@gov.rw, bikoro@yahoo.fr

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