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Rio de Janeiro , 18 Jun 13

UN-Habitat will soon organise a ministerial conference to be held under the theme "Supporting Small Island Developing States Responses to Cities and other Human Settlements coping with Climate Change and Sustainable Land Use".

With the overall aim to foster SIDS (Small Island Developing States) response coordination and advocacy activities at technical and ministerial levels, this initiative to be embedded within the overall Partnership for Sustainable Development of SIDS, in contributing among others to the success of the 2014 SIDS Conference, is to be held in Samoa.

Thanks to the support of Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), the Conference shall be held in the Caribbean in a date to be soon determined with main partners.

The objectives of this new Activity are (1) to share experiences with regard to cities in SIDS facing climate change and land use constraints, land governance or land degradation; (2) to strengthen partnerships between SIDS at national and city levels; and (3) to sensitize SIDS countries on the SIDS Conference in Samoa in 2014 and the Habitat III Conference in 2016, in order that national and regional preparations can be undertaken and a common position can be discussed vis-à-vis the sustainability of cities in small islands environments.

It may be recalled that Small Island Development States consist of a group of up to 50 countries and territories from the Pacific, the Caribbean, and the AIMS Region (Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, and South China Sea).

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