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Nairobi, 24 Apr 13
The partnership between UN-Habitat and the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization was strengthened with the signing of an agreement of cooperation focusing on youth empowerment and urban ecological safety.

The agreement was signed on the sidelines of the 24th session of UN-Habitat's Governing Council which was held in Nairobi last week.  Dr. Joan Clos, UN-Habitat Executive Director and Dr. Jiang Mingjun, the Director General of International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization signed the agreement. Also present at the signing ceremony were International Ecological Safety Collaborative organization Senior Managers, Ms. Shan Fenping, Mr. Tee Chingseng and Mr. An Xueli.

"The signing of this Agreement represents a historic milestone in the cooperation between our two organizations and provides a new focus and momentum for addressing urban issues such as urban poverty, youth unemployment and ecological disasters caused by climate change and the poorly planned urban settlements" Dr. Clos said.

"The programmes to be implemented under this agreement will raise the level of awareness of urban youth issues and strengthen their capacities in ecological safety, poverty alleviation, climate change adaption, green economy and creation of green jobs needed to create a living environment that offers them sustainable economic opportunities," stated Dr. Jiang.

UN-Habitat and IESCO will cooperate to implement Youth Empowerment and Urban Ecological Safety programmes. Specifically, the funds provided will be used to support the following youth initiatives.

  • Youth surveys and publishing of the State of the Urban Youth China Reports
  • Youth skills training in Entrepreneurship and Ecological Safety aimed at promoting young people's innovation and participation.  
  • Youth Innovation Awards programme to promote best practices in entrepreneurship, ecological and urban safety. 
  • Urban Ecological Safety Index based on the aspects of Ecological safety of city location, positioning, planning, construction and management.

The funding is a boost to UN-Habitat's Youth programme which implements a number of programmes that promote urban youth engagement in sustainable urbanization on issues of employment generation, entrepreneurship, climate change, governance and skills training. To achieve this, UN-Habitat works with United Nations agencies, governments, youth organizations, civil society and the private sector globally.

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