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Nairobi, 18 Apr 13
UN-Habitat released on Wednesday two landmark reports on women and youth which reveal that cities must resolve the issues affecting the two segments of society.

State of Women in Cities Report says that equitable, inclusive and prosperous cities need to harness the full potential of all citizens – men, women, and the youth.  This is important as the world grapples with the effects of the global economic and financial crisis that has resulted in climate change, food insecurity and widespread unemployment among women and youth.

On the other hand State of Urban Youth Report says that youth are the society’s most important and dynamic human resource. There are more people under the age of 25 today than ever, totaling nearly three billion - or half of humankind − of which 1.3 billion are between ages 12 and 24. Most live in urban areas.  Yet, nearly 45 per cent of young people around the world— almost 515 million—live on less than two US dollars a day.

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