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Africa, 12 Oct 12
This new critical phase of urbanization presents tremendous opportunities for strengthening Africa's foundations towards a new level of development. But the Continent's overall transformation will largely depend on the way we plan, build and manage urban growth, deliver basic services, provide the best environment to contribute to prosperity, enable the civil society to have a voice and participate in the decision-making of the African city of tomorrow.

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Time has come to change the way we build the African city. But in order to bring about change, we need to unite and allow City Changers to inspire others. This is the spirit of I'm a City Changer in Africa. 

City changers are the Mayors, urban decision makers, entrepreneurs and experts, all citizens, men and women, who believe that change is possible and are determined to make this happen.

I'm a City Changer in Africa is supported by the World Urban Campaign, a global movement and knowledge sharing platform coordinated by UN-Habitat on initiatives, actions and policies, driving positive change in cities.  It is also a global partnership designed to promote a positive vision of sustainable urbanization and position the urban agenda at the highest level in development policies. Its mission is to achieve these objectives by engaging and mobilizing partners around the world from every walk of life and prepare a Global Urban Agenda towards Habitat III, the Third United Nations conference on housing and sustainable urban development to be held in 2016, twenty years after the Habitat II Conference, held in Istanbul (1996).

 Be a City Changer, Join the Movement at Africities

I'm a City Changer in Africa  will be launched at AFRICITIES Special Session entitled 'I'm a City Changer in Africa – Change ta Ville en Afrique' on Wednesday 5 December from 4.00 to 6.00 pm. The Senegalese Campaign "Defar Sama Deuk' will be presented as the first campaign in Africa. Regional partners of the World Urban Campaign (UCLGA, ENDA, IAGU, AUA) will also discuss the Manifesto for Cities, and discuss the particular issues to be addressed in Africa.

Contact: Christine Auclair, Project Leader, World Urban Campaign, christine.auclair@unhabitat.org.



Facebook: World Urban Campaign

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