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Municipal Climate Change Plan – Noain – Valle de Elorz:
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- Spain
- Environment
- Social Inclusion
- Urban Development and Management

The Plan is the result of a series of energy efficiency activities carried out in the municipality within the Local Agenda 21 strategy, approved in 2003.  Formulation of a District Energy Plan covering the town’s amenities began in 2004, and involved local authorities, local businessmen and residents. It included four action areas: energy-saving and efficiency, fostering renewable energy, integrating energy-efficiency criteria into municipal policies and awareness-raising and dissemination, covering 143 projects. Eventually these initiatives were combined with forestation projects under the umbrella title: District Climate Change Plan.

In 2005 the first renewable energy facility was installed and since then several renewable energy sources have been put in place. In 2008 a partnership was established with the Foundation of Environmental Resources of Navarra to secure technical support and financial resources. The result of the collaboration was the opening of the District Climate Change Office.

Major achievements include: eight renewable energy facilities; and change in energy consumption trends: in 2006 electricity consumption went down 10 % and in 2007, another 6 %.  More than 31,000 trees and bushes have been planted in urban areas. The promotion of sustainable mobility including cycle tracks and improved bus services have also been very successful.

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