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Nairobi, 9 Sept 11

The State of the World’s Cities Report (SWCR), synthesizes information and knowledge on the state of the world’s cities with a view to strengthening the ability of Governments, local authorities and key partners to gain access to and make use of information on urban conditions and trends and to formulate effective urban policies. The report is presented in clear and concise language, with lively illustrations, including figures, maps, boxes, stories and essays, best practices and telling data, in order to make an impact on a large public.

The SWCR 2012/13 will be the sixth publication of its kind, with the main theme: The Prosperity of Cities. By adopting this theme, the report aims to outline the opportunities created by cities, and particularly focuses on five key dimensions:  Quality of Life, Productivity, Infrastructure development, equity, and Environmental Sustainability.

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