UN-HABITAT runs a number of global programmes that involve countries from all over the world. The programmes involve a wide range of partners ranging from central government, local government to civil society and beneficiary communities.


Best Practices and Local Leadership 
Best Practices and Local Leadership programme 
Habitat UNI 
Cities Alliance 
Global Urban Observatory 
Housing Rights 
Youth Fund 
Localising Agenda 21 
Strengthening Training Institutions 
Safer Cities 
Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) 
Urban Management Programme 
Water and Sanitation 
Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance
Water and Sanitation Trust Fund
World Water Day
Lake Tanganyika Region Water and Sanitation Initiative (LTWATSAN)
Water for African Cities
Water for Asian Cities
Lake Victoria Region Water and Sanitation Initiative (LVWATSAN)
Experimental Reimbursable Seeding Operations (ERSO) 
Sustainable Urban Development Network 
Slum Upgrading Facility 
Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme 
Global Urban Observatory 
Urban Arts and Design Youth Competition 
Global Housing Strategy 

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