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Journal: Urban Safety Newsletter

Crime does not happen spontaneously. It grows out of an unequal and exclusive society, and outof a lack of institutional and social control. Moreover, the criminal justice system, including police, courts and sons, is poorly adapted to the rapidly changing urban environment, and is unable to respond to the oncerns and needs of urban dwellers, particularly the poor.

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Periodicity: Quarterly
Publication Date: 01 Mar 2005
ISBN: - Not available -
ISSN: - Not available -
Pages: 4
Year: 2005
YEAR: 2005
Languages: English
Themes: Social Inclusion
Branch/Office: Safer Cities Programme
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newsletter is quite informative,for professionale as wellas common people.more information tobe given for different situations in order to apply these in the local context also. rnrdhu8@rediffmail.com
yes i agree with the point that these bodies involved in the stopping of crimes especially in third world countries perform so poorly. there is no treatment for this disease, for, if the top leadership is corrupted. how will it be able to correct crime if by itself is corrupted? peter, stanslaus
Very useful, it would be good to be reviewed by citizens worldwide Milena Maksimovic
I have got your publication educational especially useful for us, pursuing education in Urban management. Thank you very much. Terecha D.Feyissa
I accept the fact that crimes does not occur spontaneously. However, inadequate urban planning and management laws enforcement is also another area which appears to be forgotten by urban planners practicioners particulary in developing countries. For instance, if urban land is developed by people the way they like ie. constructing buildings in unplanned areas, how will it become easier to provide social infrastructures like water, electricity etc in those areas? Automatically it is not easier. If it is easier, it will be not cost effective. On the other hand crimes like thefty and robbery are very much likely to be entertained in areas which are developed without following planning laws. Therefore,we should also view the issue of crimes escallation in terms of spatial perspectve by enforcing the urban planning laws Nyashilu Issa Musa
Good publication particularly for youth KOODORUTH
Excellent Martin Appiolaza
It has very good information, but as you know safety at cities doesn't limit to crime and violence, as I am a lecture at some university and my major is safety and ergonomics for urban, I am looking for some new hints and information about safety codes for urban design, Actually, safety and security are very important for every habitat, so the newsletter had better include both of the mentioned areas, safety and security but most of themes in this newsletter is about facing with security. By the way the mentioned newsletter is excellent and covers the most part of expert needs for safety studies for urban improvement. hassan Sadeghi
Initially, I had thought that the matters would be something to deal with safety of cities in connection to safe structures as it is a publication of UN-HABITAT. It was fun and interesting to go through the documents of the newsletter. Though the topics "crime... etc.." are quite unrelevant for me, I being a structural engineer,I enjoyed going through them and I would like to continue learning in future too. Prachand Man Pradhan
in my country,Kenya, I find this manuscript relevant. security organs are deeply challenged on how to deal with urban crime. evans buluku
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