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Globally, young people between the ages of 15 and 24 represent 18 per cent of the world’s population or 1.2 billion people and majority of them live in developing countries.  Youth are a great resource for building the economies of cities, and indeed of countries. This is why UN-Habitat is working hard to improve employability and entrepreneurship among young people.

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One Stop youth centers
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  Naema Raymond Uriu
13 Aug 13
Naema Raymond Uriu is a graduate of the One Stop Centre training in Entrepreneurship, Village Community Banking and Youth Building Brigades (YBB). Before undertaking the training she was running a salon which she has since handed over to her siblings to run. The YBB training involved skills training in construction and building for 20 days; these courses enabled her to mobilize other young men and women into a community youth group.

  Joseph Yoana Msendekwa (Motor Bike Transport Business)
23 Jul 13
Joseph Yoana Msendekwa a father of two was a part time carpenter and was running a kiosk before he undertook entrepreneurship training at the One Stop in 2009. The training enabled him to learn business skills, book keeping, make savings, improving client relations, time keeping and adding value to their products and services.

  Nisengwe Regis
23 Jul 13
Nisengwe Regis is a 24 year old graduate of the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. He studied Environmental Chemistry and graduated in 2011.

  David Nsekamabanga
23 Jul 13
David Nsekamabanga comes from the Gitega area near Nyamirambo, which is a ten minute drive from the Kimisagara Centre. He was born to Manasi Kambanda and Mukakunsi Constansia 32 years ago. When David was 14, he lost both parents and 2 brothers to the genocide. His mother was abused and did not survive the trauma, and his father was shot, and later succumbed to cancer. He and his elder brother assumed responsibility for their sisters. One sister got married, and the other lives in the village home Kicukiro, with their relatives.

  Nkurunziza Muhamed
23 Jul 13
Nkurunziza Muhamed (25 years old) is the Managing Director of the East African Employment and Accommodation. He started the company on 2nd September 2011, after undertaking DOT training at the Kimisagara Youth Centre, where he got guidance for his business idea.

  Didier Uwarurema
23 Jul 13
Didier Uworumu is a 26 year old young man who has lived all his life in Kimisagara with his mother and sister. He has a degree in accounting from Kampala University, and is awaiting formal graduation. In January 2012, he got training in project management and planning through the Start Your Own Business initiative. In February, he scoped for credit and business ideas. A friend suggested to him that he should grow mushrooms and gave him a loan of 200,000 RWF (approximately USD 300).

  Mr. Kiwanula Mpiima
23 Jul 13
Mr. Kiwanula Mpiima from Kisugu slum area in Kampala undertook the entrepreneurship  training programme conducted by the One Stop Centre, Kampala. Before the training he was working with a colleague selling second hand clothes. After the training Mr. Mpiima was empowered to set up his own business known as KAKS IT services.

  Abdirazak Abdi
23 Jul 13
Abdirazak Abdi is a 21 year old young man who lives in the Korogocho slums in Nairobi. He is one of the beneficiaries of the business development training and computer training offered by Altaawon Satelite youth centre.

  Glu-Cola Self-Help Group
23 Jul 13
Edwin and five of his colleagues founded the Glu-Cola Self-Help Group in 2009. They formed the group to address unemployment among the youth and reduce crime rates in Korogocho. They embarked on garbage collection as a means of income generation. In late 2009 the group was looking toward other avenues of increasing income.

  Daniel Omband
23 Jul 13
Daniel Omband is now a household name around Korogocho when it comes to parties, weddings, and even burial ceremonies. Daniel is one of the young people who ventured into photography and videography as a career. He attributes this to the IT skills he learned at the Altaawon Youth Satellite Centre.

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