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  Philomena Modu
28 Oct 09
Philomena has been actively involved in the various projects and leadership positions in her four years of college in AIESEC, Human Rights Association, Gender club, YUNA, ISWiT, East African Students Association.

  Ali Abdou
28 Oct 09
ALI was born in Nablus, Palestine in 1984. In 2007 he studied Agricultural Engineering in Najah National University in Palestine. As the current project youth coordinator he is proud to currently be in the International Leadership Training Program with INWENT in Deutschland, especially that he is the Youth Representative of Western Asia. Being a participant in the program was a result of his accomplishments.

  Kristoffer Sundøy
28 Oct 09
KRISTOFFER was born in Norway in 1985 but moved to France at the age of four. Returning to Norway two years later, he finished grad school before serving his compulsory military service in His Majesty the King’s Guard. He is in his 4th year of a Master’s degree in engineering in Signal Processing at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

  Joao Scarpelini
7 Oct 09
JOAO is an activist and social entrepreneur. He has been working with youth empowerment and social change in different organizations and causes since 1999.

  Maria Valencia
2 Oct 09
MARIA was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1986 and in her final semester at Los Andes University where she is majoring in Economics.

  John Anugraha
2 Oct 09
ANUGRAHA John was born and brought up in Mumbai but now lives in Bangalore in the south of India, where he also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is now enrolled in a Master’s programme in Sociology through Distance Education. He loves to travel, engage in cross-cultural dialogue, listen to alternative music and has always been fond of football, which he enjoyed playing at both school and college level.

  Lucinda Hartley
2 Oct 09
LUCINDA is a Landscape Architect and Urban designer with a long standing interest in urbanization, poverty reduction and environmentally sustainable design, particularly how youth can be engaged and mobilized to improve cities and space.

  Ljuba Ermolaeva
2 Oct 09
LJUBA was born in 1986 in Moscow, capital of USSR at that time.In 2003-2008 she studied at the Russian State University for Humanities in the Information Security faculty. In autumn 2004 she joined AIESEC – the world’s largest youth organization. She become a team-leader, manager of her own project, Round table on Corporate Social Responsibility, manager of recruitment, trainer and a facilitator, joined several international conferences. In 2007-2008 she was a member of the National People Development Unit of AIESEC Russia.

  Musa Ansumana Soko
2 Oct 09
MUSA is a youth development activist in Sierra Leone, working with the Youth Partnership for Peace and Development in Sierra Leone as an Executive Coordinator.

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