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IV World Planning Schools Conference  
Nairobi, 19 Sept 13
Global Crisis: Planning and Challenges to Spatial Justice is the theme of the IV World Planning Schools Conference. This international gathering of city and regional planning educators and scholars will be held in Rio de Janeiro in July 2016. More information about the conference will be available online. Meanwhile visit the sites of (GPEAN) Global Planning Education Association Network; (IPPUR/UFRJ) Instituto de Pesquisa e Planejamento Urbano e Regional; (ANPUR) the National Association of Urban and Regional Post-graduate and Research Programmes; which will soon have links to the conference website.
Conference exploring green infrastructure and water management announced  
Nairobi, 9 Sept 13
From January 14-16, 2014 the University of South Florida Patel College of Global Sustainability will hold a conference addressing the challenges and opportunities surrounding green infrastructure.
HPUI updates its name to Habitat UNI  
Nairobi, 1 Sept 13
The Habitat Partner University Initiative (HPUI) will from September 2013 update its name to Habitat University Network Initiative or “UNI” for short.
HPUI Global Meeting 2013  
Tampa, 10 May 13
The Habitat Partner University Initiative-HPUI held its 2nd Global Meeting on May 10-12, 2013 at the University of South Florida's Patel College of Global Sustainability.
Universities Roundtable: The "General Assembly" of the Habitat Partner University Initiative  
Naples, 4 Sept 12
The University Roundtable at the World Urban Forum in Naples, 4 September 2012 was attended by 99 participants from 82 institutions.
Researchers Roundtable: focusing on how to better coordinate urban research globally and how to support research in developing countries  
Naples, 4 Sept 12
In the Researchers Roundtable, the main point for discussion was the feasibility study for the Global Urban Research network. Issues brought up include the need to better define the network’s value added and develop a viable financing plan.
University Forum & Exhibition  
Naples, 4 Sept 12
The HPUI office received a great deal of interest for using the free HPUI forum in the universities exhibition, although this opportunity was announced and promoted late due to the delayed development of the forum in Naples.
Teaching sustainable urban development – Sustainable Communities Course  
Bangkok, Thailand, 17 Jun 12
A group of 20 urban professionals from 8 South East Asian countries and from Kenya gathered at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok 7 June at the start of a special eleven-day course on Sustainable Communities – Urban Environmental Management.
Help us change the urban future: The City Changer Dialogues now online  
Nairobi, 15 Jun 12
The city changer dialogues on http://www.worldurbanforum.org/ are the online kick-off for the sixth session of the World Urban Forum.
Academic Workshop: "Port Cities as Hotspots of Creative and Sustainable Local Development"  
Nairobi, 15 Jun 12
In collaboration with University of Naples Federico II, a workshop will be held on the role and potential of port cities.
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