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Big names sign up to new private sector advisory board  
Amsterdam, 28 Sept 11
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, VEOLIA Environment, Nomadeis, BASF, This is Africa, Siemens, GDF-SUEZ, JAO Design International, ARUP, the PENN Institute for Urban Research, and the Financial Times joined UN-HABITAT in Amsteram earlier this month for the first meeting of the agency's new Urban Private Sector Advisory Board hosted by Arcadis.
Port cities under the microscope  
Rotterdam, 15 Sept 11
Mayors and senior local government officials from Africa, Asia and Latin America gathered for the first “Shelter Academy” held 13-15 September 2011 held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
UN-HABITAT unveils new Charter of Values  
Nairobi, 7 Jun 11
UN-HABITAT this week unveiled a new Charter of Values to underpin the agency's growing relationships with private sector partners around the world.
Private sector committed to support a new positive vision towards better cities  
Nairobi, 26 Apr 11
A Private Sector Strategy Meeting held on Thursday 14th April as a side event of the 23rd session of the Governing Council gathered about twenty representatives of the private sector, including the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the US Chamber of Commerce and the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as representatives of companies such as BASF Social Foundation, Capital Markets for the Marginalized, Veolia Environment, Siemens, Philips, Arcadis, GDF-Suez, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Mega Consultores.
World Urban Campaign logo unveiled  
Rio de Janeiro, 26 Mar 10
The official logo for the World Urban Campaign was unveiled on Friday as UN-HABITAT launched a compact signing ceremony with people who committed themselves to drive the initiative.
The Urban private sector's participation at The World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro  
Rio de Janeiro, 26 Mar 10
For the first time in a World Urban Forum, three main events were dedicated or closely related to the Business Sector’s participation and commitment to sustainable urban development: a Business Caucus (two mornings’ sessions), a Business Roundtable and the launch of the World Urban Campaign.
Premier business forum roots for greater collaboration  
New Delhi, 9 Jul 09
A premier business forum bringing together UN-HABITAT and the corporate world closed in New Delhi on Thursday with calls for greater collaboration between the two entities.
UN-HABITAT’s first business awards  
Beijing, 4 Jun 09
An international jury has announced the first Habitat Business Awards for best practices.
UN-HABITAT avails funds for pro-poor housing  
Nairobi, 2 Apr 09
In an attempt to confront the current economic crisis by encouraging pro-poor investment in housing, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, today signed six agreements with project partners from Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda with the aim of providing funds for affordable housing and infrastructure.
Housing for the poor can be bankable  
Nairobi, 1 Apr 09
Even during the worst financial crisis in eighty years, it is still possible to provide finance for houses for the poor, participants at the 22nd Session of the Governing Council of UN-HABITAT concluded on Monday.
A new UN-HABITAT youth fund  
Nairobi, 25 Mar 09
Youth-led organizations working to improve to improve urban living conditions in developing countries can now seek financing for their projects through a new UN-HABITAT fund provided by Norway, the agency announced on Wednesday.
Equitable cities may be better for business, say private sector leaders  
Nanjing, China, 6 Nov 08
Private sector leaders brainstormed on how to build greener cities even as they push their bottom lines, during the Fourth World Urban Forum in Nanjing, China from November 03 – 06.
Assisting local authorities in Iraq  
Baghdad, 6 Dec 07
UN-HABITAT and six United Nations agencies have teamed up with the Government of Iraq to launch a new initiative aimed at boosting the capacities of local authorities to carry through development plans in partnership with the private sector and local communites.

The programme will be conducted in Sulaymaniyah, Babel, and the Marshlands in a bid to stimulate local economic development and improve local infrastructure and basic services, the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said in a news release.
Governments give UN-HABITAT new incentive on public-private partnerships  
Nairobi, 25 Apr 07
The twenty-first session of the Governing Council of UN-HABITAT last week approved a resolution proposed by the Government Kenya giving the agency with new policy instruments to fight urban poverty.
Tibaijuka signs partnership with Coca-Cola  
Nairobi, 18 Apr 07
UN-HABITAT Executive Director Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka on Tuesday signed an agreement with Coca-Cola India announcing that they will collaborate to improve community access to water and sanitation in India and Nepal.
African youth entrepreneurs: Moving the urban agenda forward  
Nairobi, 15 Apr 07
In the run up to the twenty-first session of the UN-HABITAT Governing Council, young African entrepreneurs gathered in Nairobi on Sunday to discuss market opportunities, best practices and business models to strengthen youth entrepreneurship in urban areas.
UN-HABITAT launches worldwide private sector partnerships for sustainable urbanization  
Nairobi, 13 Apr 07
UN-HABITAT’s Executive Director, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, launched a business partnership for sustainable urbanization to encourage collaboration with the business community.
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