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Spin-off from slum upgrading  
Nairobi, 14 Apr 11
A project jointly implemented by UN-HABITAT and the government of Kenya to help inhabitants of Soweto East, a settlement within Nairobi’s Kibera’s slums, upgrade their living conditions is having an unexpected spin-off- that benefit children with disabilities to better integrate into society.
Agreement reached to plan “Women for Water Decade”  
Nairobi, 22 Feb 10
UN-HABITAT hosted a meeting of women’s networks from 20-21 February to develop a strategy for a “Women for Water Decade” in Africa—a new platform for advocacy to promote women’s involvement in solving the region’s water and sanitation problems.
Community-led Gender Mainstreaming in Water and Sanitation Improves Access  
Nairobi, 26 Jan 10
Settlements Executive Committees and Sustainable Neighbourhoods Programmes established with the support of UN-HABITAT are instrumental in ensuring equal participation of both men and women at the grassroots in project design, implementation and monitoring.
Google and UN-HABITAT Partnership to Improve Data Collection  
Zanzibar, 14 Jan 10
UN-HABITAT has launched a joint project in Zanzibar with Google.org to improve access to information on water coverage, assess the level of satisfaction by customers of the Zanzibar Water Authority, and evaluate efficiency in the delivery of services by the authority.
Business plan for Zanzibar water body launched  
Zanzibar, 12 Jan 10
President Aman A. Karume of Zanzibar and UN-HABITAT Executive Director Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka last week jointly launched a five year business plan for the Zanzibar Water Authority.
Water for African Cities  
Johannesburg, 17 Nov 09
City managers from 18 cities across Africa met in Johannesburg in recent days to review progress of UN-HABITAT’s Water for African Cities’ Programme.
Water operators at Waterlinks forum  
Bangkok, 30 Sept 09
The Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance attended the 2009 WaterLinks Forum held in Bangkok.
Water Operators Alliance co-hosts training  
Johannesburg, 25 Sept 09
Nine African water utilities were introduced to Water Safety Planning during a five-day training in Johannesburg from the 21st to 25th of September.
East African Water Ministers support UN-HABITAT’s Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Initiative  
Nairobi, 5 Sept 08
Concerned about the increasing environmental problems of the Lake Victoria Basin, East African Ministers of Water commended UN-HABITAT on its leadership role in the design and implementation of the Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Initiative.
Asian leaders must work harder to ensure water delivery for all  
Stockholm, 21 Aug 08
Inspired leaders who champion reforms can play a key role in helping Asian countries manage their water resources at a time of extreme pressure brought on by rapid urbanisation, climate change, pollution and industrialization, a senior Asia Development Bank official told the Asia Water Day seminar at the World Water Week in Stockholm this week.
UN-HABITAT makes life easier for women of a Tanzanian village  
Muleba, Tanzania, 17 Jan 08
Kelezensia Melkioli has finally seen her prayers answered. Having spent nearly all her life in Kazirantemwa village,
UN-HABITAT brings water and sanitation programme to Rwanda  
Kigali, 26 Feb 07
UN-HABITAT announced on Monday that it will extend its Water for African Cities Programme to help provide water and sanitation services for people living in the country’s slums and other poor neighbourhoods.
Work starts on the Lake Victoria Region Water and Sanitation Initiative  
Nairobi, 8 Feb 07
UN-HABITAT in collaboration with the Governments of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and with financial support from the Government of the Netherlands has embarked on a water and sanitation project in four towns around Lake Victoria.
UN-HABITAT and African Development Bank to work together on water and sanitation MDGs in Africa  
Tunis, 13 Nov 06
UN-HABITAT and the African Development Bank have agreed to work together to improve access to clean...
Water for African Cities Managers Meet in Nairobi  
Nairobi, 16 Oct 06
Experts from Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania held a three-day brainstorming meeting on water and sanitation
Major new funding for water and sanitation in African cities  
Mexico City, 23 Mar 06
UN-HABITAT and the African Development Bank (ADB) have signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding to improve urban water and sanitation in African cities in coming years with Bank funding worth 500 million US dollars.
UN-HABITAT and Southeast Asian partners discuss water education in schools  
Cha Am, 7 Dec 05
UN-HABITAT and its partners held a three-day conference to help senior officials in Southeast Asia gain a better understanding of the agency’s Water for Asian Cities Programme and the idea of bringing the concepts of water conservation, sanitation and hygiene into school classrooms across the region.
Major Norwegian boost for UN-HABITAT water and sanitation trust fund  
Nairobi, 11 Oct 05
Norway will grant UN-HABITAT’s Water and Sanitation Trust Fund nearly US$ 7 million in 2005 to help alleviate the water and sanitation crisis confronting millions of slum dwellers across Africa and Asia.
Hearing the voices of women  
New York, 20 Apr 05
Women from around the world warned delegates at the 13th Session of the Commission for Sustainable Development on Tuesday that they had to have more empowerment, better protection against crime, better security of tenure and better access to water and sanitation if sustainable development was to be achieved.
Water and Sanitation in Small Island Developing States  
Mauritius, 12 Jan 05
Senior officials of the Government of Mauritius, members of parliament and the corporate world joined more than 150 people for the opening on Monday of a four-day series of UN-HABITAT workshops and seminars on Values-based Water and Sanitation Education (VBWSE).
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