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Afghan Cities Sign Up for Resilient Cities  
KABUL, Afghanistan, 16 Jun 13
Five Afghan cities have joined the Making Cities Resilient Campaign hosted by the Kabul Municipality and Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA), in coordination with UN-Habitat and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction UNISDR.
Australia aids Sri Lankan towns to be resilient to disasters  
Colombo, 2 May 13
The Government of Australia is providing USD 1,039,900 to improve planning and community resilience in four disaster prone cities
The world we want – UN-Habitat in Vietnam  
Hanoi, 22 Jan 13
UN-Habitat this month led a joint United Nations consultative group in Vietnam to understand better the aspirations, problems and opportunities of the urban poor in the cities of Hanoi and Danang.
UN-Habitat pledges better support as Haiti marks quake anniversary  
Port-au-Prince, 15 Jan 13
As Haiti marked the third anniversary of a devastating earthquake which claimed over 300,000 lives and left more than 1 million survivors homeless, UN-Habitat announced that it will broaden support to communities and institutions still trying to recover from the disaster.

"The earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 was an unprecedented urban crisis, highlighting chronic vulnerabilities in the city and setting back its development," said UN-Habitat Executive Director Joan Clos in a statement marking the anniversary.

UN-Habitat launches global wastewater debate  
NAIROBI, 14 Jan 13
UN-Habitat’s Executive Director Dr. Joan Clos on Monday announced the lanch of a new Global Consultation on Wastewater Management and Water Quality for the Post-2015 Development Agenda.
Shoring up against disaster  
Islamabad, 28 Nov 12
The Pakistan Planning Commission and UN-Habitat Pakistan this week held a conference on Creative Cities and National Urban Policy aimed at helping the country’s cities shore up better against natural disasters which have taken a heavy toll in Pakistan in recent years.
A new UN-Habitat City Resilience Profiling Programme  
Nairobi, 15 Nov 12
UN-Habitat announced on Thursday that it is seeking city partners to pilot a new integrated urban planning and management model to help cities build reslience against disasters such as the recent superstorm Sandy which crashed through coastlines from the Caribbean and north America's Atlantic seaboard, or tsunamis and earthquakes.
Shoring up cities against disaster  
Rio de Janeiro, 21 Jun 12
UN-Habitat on Wednesday launched a new programme on Wednesday calling on Heads of State and governments at the Rio +20 conference to provide a framework to help make cities around the world safer from disasters.
UN-Habitat joins hands with Myanmar  
Yangon, 20 Jun 12
UN-HABITAT and Myanmar have signed a new agreement on disaster risk management designed to help the country shore itself up better against disasters such as cyclones which have claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced countless more people in recent years.
Driving the City Agenda in Rio  
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19 Jun 12
UN-Habitat is holding a series of events to drive home to drive home the all important urban aspect of sustainable development at a time more than half the global population lives in towns and cities.
UN-Habitat inaugurates new homes for Pakistan flood victims  
Charsadda, Northwest Pakistan, 26 Apr 12
UN-Habitat has inaugurated thousands of new single room homes for the victims of devastating floods in a country already bracing itself for further flood devastation this year
Clos concludes first official visit to Israel  
Nairobi, 10 Apr 12
Dr Joan Clos, has completed his first official visit to Israel since taking up position as UN-Habitat Executive Director.
International Criminal Court convicts Congolese child recruiter  
The Hague, 14 Mar 12
The International Criminal Court on Wednesday found Thomas Lubanga Diylo of war crimes for conscripting and enlisting children under 15 into the Forces patriotiques pour la libération du Congo (FPLC).
UN-Habitat and Government of Pakistan hold meeting on disasters  
Islamabad, 5 Mar 12
UN-Habitat Pakistan in coordination with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) last month organized a two day "National Conference on Learning from Disasters".
UN-Habitat expands its Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation work  
Nairobi, 23 Feb 12
UN-Habitat announced on Thursday that it is expanding its ties with the academic world in the area of urban risk reduction and rehabilitation so that a new generation of graduates undertaking field work in disaster zones around the world are better groomed in integrated urban crisis-based practice.
UN-Habitat Palestinian Advisory Board meets  
New York, 10 Feb 12
Representatives from more than 20 countries on Thursday attended the first Advisory Board of UN-Habitat’s Special Human Settlements Programme for the Palestinian People.
A post-conflict milestone in Sri Lanka  
Colombo, 30 Jan 12
A major post-conflict home reconstruction and repair project in Sri Lanka marked its first anniversary this month with the announcement that to date 3,000 internally displaced families have so far been assisted.
Strong commitment on disaster risk in Myanmar  
Yangon, 25 Oct 11
Myanmar, a country prone to natural hazards, has shown positive progress in the areas of early warning, emergency preparedness and responses in recent years. Now, the Government is stepping up cooperation with global and regional partners to reach its long-term target of becoming a disaster resilient country.
International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction  
Nairobi, 10 Oct 11
Message by Dr. Joan Clos, UN Under-Secretary-General and UN-HABITAT Executive Director
Executive Director hails humanitarian staff  
Nairobi, 19 Aug 11
 UN-HABITAT Executive Director Dr. Joan Clos on Friday hailed the agency's humanitarian staff and their colleagues working in disaster zones in many countries around the world.
End forced evictions in Haiti  
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 20 Jun 11
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, Raquel Rolnik, has made an urgent plea to put an immediate stop to all forced evictions of earthquake survivors in the Caribbean Nation.
A new set of guidelines for better cities  
Nairobi, 25 Mar 11
UN-HABITAT is issuing a handbook to guide the coordinated implementation of the two sets of international guidelines on decentralisation and access to basic services for all. While the international guidelines are available in English, French and Spanish, the handbook is currently available in English, French and Spanish.
UN-HABITAT and partners push for land reforms in Liberia  
Monrovia, 15 Mar 11
UN-HABITAT, the Liberia Land Commission and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) last week launched a new three year, USD 2.3 million dollar joint project
Haiti youth concert elicits reconstruction ideas  
Port-au-Prince, 13 Mar 11
A music competition, featuring 15 finalist bands of youth neighbourhoods was held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on 13 March 2011.
UN-HABITAT launches peace building programme in Afghanistan  
Kabul, 8 Feb 11
UN-HABITAT has launched the second phase of a peace building progamme in Afghanistan, thanks to funding of USD 28.5 million from the Government of Japan.
Making Burkina Faso safer  
Ouagadougou, 25 Oct 10
Representatives of the United Nations, the Swedish police, and some 40 national experts, government officials and academics joined Professor Georges Compaoré of the University of Ouagadougou
UN-HABITAT partners with University of Peace  
San Jose, 13 Oct 10
UN-HABITAT and the University of Peace (UPEACE) have signed an agreement offering a new course in urban governance for post-graduate students keen to contribute to a better urban future.
UN-HABITAT, WWF join hands in Congo conservation  
Nairobi, 8 Sept 10
UN-HABITAT and WWF have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure a better protection of the Virunga National Park , a World Heritage site in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The two agencies made the announcement on Tuesday.
UN-HABITAT wades into Pakistan floods with help  
Islamabad, 26 Aug 10
With the floods havoc in Pakistan reaching catastrophic levels, UN-HABITAT has joined other UN bodies in giving aid to the victims.
Watch the Haiti debate unfold  
Nairobi, 3 Jun 10
UN-HABITAT is joining hands with the Institute for Urban Design in New York to carry live a debate on the Haiti crisis which promises to give new insights into how the country is recovering following the deadliest earthquake in living memory and the need for urban planning in disaster recovery. The debate will be streamed live on this website starting 1.00 pm, New York time.
Norwegian minister visits UN-HABITAT Myanmar cyclone projects  
Yangon, 2 Jun 10
Norwegian Development and Environment Minister, Mr. Erik Solheim, this week visited villages being rehabilitated by UN-HABITAT and its partners following the devastation caused by a cyclone two years ago.
Stepping up assistance in Haiti  
Port-au-Prince, 11 Feb 10
UN-HABITAT said on Wednesday it was stepping up plans to help an estimated 2 million people left homeless in Haiti after the most devastating earthquake to hit the Caribbean island nation in 250 years.
Shelter problems still persist after Myanmar cyclone  
Rangoon, 10 Feb 10
More than one year since the devastating Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, shelter provision for the victims still remains a huge challenge, UN-HABITAT says.
UN-HABITAT comes to the aid of Haiti  
Nairobi, Kenya, 19 Jan 10
UN-HABITAT Executive Director Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka has sent a message of condolence to the President and people of Haiti following last week’s massive earthquake in that country.
Land Coordination Groups  
North Kivu, 16 Dec 09
UN-HABITAT had set up land coordination groups in North Kivu Province and in Ituri District (Province Oriental). Under the leadership of the Minister of Land Affairs of North Kivu and the Land Commission of Ituri, the land coordination groups are seeking to consolidate and harmonise land reform and policies for each province.
New African cities climate change initiative  
Nairobi, 15 Dec 09
UN-HABITAT this week announced a new drive to raise awareness in African cities about climate change problems so that proper mitigation and adaptation plans can be put in place. A pilot programme for local authorities will start in five cities – Mombasa (Kenya), Kigali (Rwanda), St Louis (Senegal), Walvis Bay (Namibia), and Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso).
Assisting the disabled in Lebanon  
Tyre, Lebanon, 11 Dec 09
UN-HABITAT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union, setting out the framework under which the two organizations will collaborate to promote and develop the concept of inclusive environment for people with special needs.
New peace building programme in Serbia  
Bujanovac, 2 Dec 09
Mayors of 13 municipalities in the Pèinja and Jablanica districts of South Serbia have agreed to implement a peace building programme funded by the Spanish Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund.
Awareness Campaign on Land Conflict prevention and mitigation  
North Kivu, 11 Nov 09
In November and December 2009, UN-HABITAT conducted a joint campaign on land conflict prevention and resolution within territories in North Kivu (Masisi and Rutshuru). The campaign was conducted in partnership with the Provincial Minister of Land Affairs in North Kivu, the National Commission for Refugees, UNHCR, MONUC, NRC and “Aide et Action pour la Paix”.
UN HABITAT support for Serbian peace building  
Belgrade, 25 Sept 09
UN-HABITAT will introduce its Safer Cities programme to 13 municipalities to Serbia as part of a joint UN project to promote peace in the south of the country.
A new start in Iraq  
Baghdad, 27 Jul 09
UN-HABITAT joined the government of Iraq on Monday to launch a new USD 70 million programme that will focus on urban governance, housing, infrastructure and basic services as the country recovers from years of conflict.
After decades of civil war, UN-HABITAT helps with a new start in Northern Uganda  
Lira, 6 Jul 09
UN-HABITAT Executive Director, Mrs Anna Tibaijuka last week attended a ceremony on in Northern Uganda, to celebrate the completion and presentation to the district of Lira of 64 new homes for teachers built by UN-HABITAT for 16 schools accommodating some 10,000 pupils.
UN-HABITAT and UNHCR assist the displaced and host families in Pakistan  
Islamabad, 29 May 09
UN-HABITAT and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have joined forces to provide shelter and other supplies to hundreds of thousands of people displaced by fighting in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province.
Tibaijuka assures Sri Lanka of support in reconstruction efforts  
Nairobi, 28 May 09
UN-HABITAT Executive Director, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, has assured the Government and people of Sri Lanka that UN-HABITAT would be fully involved in the reconstruction efforts in the country after 27 years of civil war.
A new UN-HABITAT office in eastern Congo  
Goma, 25 May 09
UN-HABITAT has opened an office in the eastern Congolese border town of Goma as part of a joint United Nations programme to assist people forced to flee during years of conflict in the Lake Kivu district. The office will work to help resolve land disputes.
A new office in Iran  
Tehran, 2 May 09
A new UN-HABITAT Disaster Mitigation Office was officially opened on Saturday in the Iranian capital. The opening ceremony was held at the premises provided and equipped by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.
UN-HABITAT to boost Chad mission  
Nairobi, 13 Feb 09
UN-HABITAT announced on Friday that it would send a delegation to Chad to discuss the best ways of supporting the UN mission in its work there.
China leads the way in harmonious cities as it scoops up 2008 World Habitat Day awards  
Nairobi, 6 Oct 08
At a time the global financial crisis has everybody worrying about their housing financing and mortgages in the United States and other developed countries, Chinese cities may have some of the best solutions to be found anywhere in the world.
UN-HABITAT joins the Myanmar cyclone rehabilitation team  
Yangon, 6 Aug 08
UN-HABITAT, the Myanmar Engineering Society, and the Association of Myanmar Architects, has organized a design competition in the southeast Asian country to come up with the best disaster-resistant buildings possible for areas devastated in May by Cyclone Nargis. The storm, the worst in the country’s history, claimed countless thousands of lives when it destroyed wide swathes of lands and property in the Ayeyarwady Delta. Within days of the disaster on 2 May, UN-HABITAT joined the humanitarian country team to start helping rebuild homes and lives.
UN-HABITAT and Lebanese Army in GIS Cooperation  
Beirut, 15 Jul 08
UN-HABITAT and the Lebanese Army have concluded a cooperation framework to promote and further develop nationwide
A new humaniratarian role for UN-HABITAT  
Nairobi, 16 Jun 08
UN-HABITAT this week joined the United Nations Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) putting the agency on a new footing in global humanitarian operations. The IASC was established in 1992 to shape humanitarian policy and ensure coordinated and effective response to humanitarian crisis.
Italian government comes to the rescue of Somalia IDPs  
Nairobi, 14 May 08
The Italian government this week announced a donation of EUR 600,000 to UN-HABITAT which will go towards improving the living conditions of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Somalia.
In a statement of appreciation to the Italians, UN-HABITAT said shelter and settlement was an important component in the agency’s response to humanitarian and emergency needs in the Somali regions. The new funding will go towards an ongoing IDP project currently financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) in Jowhar/Baidoa in south-centre Somalia.
Kenya’s youth violence prevention week comes to a close  
Nairobi, 4 Mar 08
A youth violence prevention week came to a close at the weekend with participants pledging to spread the peace message across Kenya after two months of tension and ethnic violence following elections in December 2007.
UN-HABITAT receives USD 2 million from Britain for Pakistan reconstruction  
Islamabad, 28 Feb 08
UN-HABITAT this week received additional funding of USD 2 million from the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom to strengthen its training and technical assistance for the victims of a Pakistan earthquake who lost their homes.
Kenya youth launch anti-violence campaign  
Nairobi, 26 Feb 08
Hundreds of young Kenyans gathered on Monday to launch a campaign aimed at getting their peers to refrain from post-election violence that has so far claimed some 1,000 lives and displacing almost 300,000 people around the country.
UN-HABITAT completes EUR 1.2 million housing rehabilitation in Lebanon  
Beirut, 21 Feb 08
UN-HABITAT has completed two operations in Lebanon funded by the European Union that have rebuilt and renovated thousands of homes hit in Israeli air raids in July 2006.
President Yudhoyono commends UN-HABITAT  
Jakarta, 20 Feb 08
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia has commended UN-HABITAT for its work in post disaster reconstruction in his country.
New housing for the vulnerable in Serbia  
Belgrade, 16 Jan 08
It was a fitting New Year present for the residents of Pancevo in Serbia when UN-HABITAT through the Settlement and Integration of Refugees Programme (SIRP) unveiled a housing block of 76 units on Tuesday.
UN-HABITAT, The Netherlands and Cyprus at forefront of Lebanese recovery  
Beirut, 31 Oct 07
The American University of Beirut and UN-HABITAT held a special meeting earlier this month
UN-HABITAT chief executive delivers 55th Annual Beatty memorial lecture  
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 29 Oct 07
Although climate change has cast a dark shadow on Western countries, it has hit the world’s poor hardest,
Two years after earthquake, a successful reconstruction programme  
Islamabad, 10 Oct 07
Two years after a devastating earthquake in Pakistan Administered Kashmir, UN-HABITAT and Pakistani officials marked the occasion this week by describing the reconstruction and recovery programme as one of the most successful of its kind anywhere in the world in recent years.
Pakistani earthquake victims receive financial assistance  
Mansehra, 4 Oct 07
The first batch of Pakistani rural landless who lost land as a result of the 2005 earthquake last week started receiving financial assistance from the government of Pakistan for the purchase of new land.
As a result of the earthquake thousands of families were unable to rebuild their houses due to landslides and flooding which have destroyed their land.
CYPRUSAID, EU step in for UN-HABITAT reconstruction in Lebanon  
Nicosia, 28 Aug 07
The Republic of Cyprus through its agency, CYPRUSAID has agreed to provide more than USD600,000 for UN-HABITAT's post conflict reconstruction programme in Lebanon.
UN-HABITAT in partnership with other agencies on post-conflict rights  
Nairobi, 17 Aug 07
UN-HABITAT has teamed up with leading agencies to help displaced people and refugees returning home assert their rights to housing and property lost during conflict through the publication of a new Handbook aimed at putting right a major gap in global humanitarian response systems.
UN-HABITAT joins in closure and clean-up of Ugandan IDP camps  
Barr, Northern Uganda, 2 Jul 07
With the security situation improving in Northern Uganda, UN-HABITAT is working with thousands of homeward-bound Internally Displaced Persons to clean up the camps in which they sought refuge for years from insurgents of a movement called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) .
UN-HABITAT launches safety campaign in Nairobi slum  
Nairobi, 13 Jun 07
Games, song and dance were the main fares dished out to residents of Kibera slums in Nairobi as UN-HABITAT took its Safer Spaces and Streets campaign to the area at the weekend.
Mrs. Tibaijuka addresses Paris environmental conference  
Paris, 2 Feb 07
UN-HABITAT’s Executive Director, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, attended the Citizens of the Earth Conference (Citoyens de la Terre) from 2-3 February, at the invitation of French President Jacques Chirac.
Mrs. Tibaijuka meets IFRC chief  
Geneva, 19 Jan 07
During a visit to Geneva, Mrs. Tibaijuka held talks on humanitarian coordination with Mr. Markku Niskala, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, his Deputy Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Osman and the Head of the Shelter Department Mr. Graham Saunders on Friday 19 January.
UN-HABITAT co-hosts International Shelter Centre Conference  
Geneva, Switzerland, 20 Dec 06
A bi-annual meeting of the International Shelter Center Group, jointly hosted by UN-HABITAT and CARE International, was held from 16 to 17 November 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland.
UN-HABITAT attends International Recovery Platform Retreat in Turin, Italy  
Turin, 20 Dec 06
International Recovery Platform (IRP) members and national government representatives held an IRP retreat from 20 to 22 November 2006 in Turin, Italy. The aim of the retreat was to take stock of IRP work to date, to determine the strategic direction and future work plans of the IRP hubs in Kobe, Turin and Geneva, and to foster teamwork in the IRP network. Parallel to the retreat was the third IRP Steering Committee meeting on 22 November.
Report shows urban slum dwellers most vulnerable to floods  
Nairobi, Kenya, 14 Nov 06
Cities in Africa are facing a threat occasioned by floods caused by climate change, according to a new study this week by an international non-governmental organization.
UN-HABITAT helping Pakistanis rebuild their lives  
Islamabad, 10 Oct 06
A year has passed since the horrific earthquake in Pakistan that left over 3 million people displaced and nearly a half a million houses damaged and destroyed.
Improving disaster response and effectiveness  
Nairobi, 20 Jul 06
UN-HABITAT is teaming up with humanitarian partners in the NGO world and the United Nations in a new drive to improve the effectiveness and accountability of disaster response, and provide better shelter delivery for the victims of conflict or natural disasters.
From Kabul to Vancouver, a common thread to vastly different cities  
Vancouver, 21 Jun 06
Delegates at the Third Session of the World Urban Forum listened in rapt silence on Wednesday as speakers from Kabul and Vancouver presented a picture of two cities at opposite sides of the world and opposite ends of the development.
Italy releases further funding for Serbian housing programme  
Belgrade, 17 Jan 06
UN-HABITAT has received 8.5 million dollars from the Italian Government for a social and housing integration programme for tens of thousands of war refugees and other vulnerable people in Serbia.
BASF support to tsunami victims  
Galle, Sri Lanka, 21 Dec 05
The German chemical company BASF is working with UN-HABITAT in Sri Lanka and India in its continuing support to the tsunami devastated communities bordering the Indian Ocean
Even as spotlight falls on Pakistani quake, UN pushes ahead with tsunami aid  
New York, 26 Oct 05
Even as United Nations relief operations focus sharply on aiding millions of survivors affected by this month’s devastating earthquake in Pakistan, the world body’s agencies are pressing on with their efforts to help rehabilitate the vast region ravaged by last December’s Indian Ocean tsunami.
Despite post-tsunami shelter progress in the Maldives, a funding shortfall  
Maldives, 25 Oct 05
Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of UN-HABITAT this week visited Maldives where UNDP and UN-HABITAT are jointly rebuilding homes on 58 islands in the Indian Ocean archipelago devastated by last December’s tsunami.
UN-HABITAT pledges Pakistan earthquake recovery support  
Nairobi, 11 Oct 05
Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, this week offered the agency’s immediate support with emergency relief and recovery following a massive earthquake in Kashmir on Saturday that claimed more than 33,000 lives.
Local authorities for peace and social integration  
Nevsehir, Turkey, 26 Sept 05
Hundreds of delegates representing local authorities from around the world, governments, NGOs and academic experts gathered in Nevsehir this week to discuss peace and social integration in human settlements.
New Chinese aid for Maldives  
Malé, Maldives,, 15 Aug 05
The Government of Maldives on Monday launched a project financed by the Government of China that will provide half a million US dollars worth of aid to two remote islands in the Maldives that were devastated by last year’s tsunami.
Tsunami assistance in Thailand  
Bangkok, 27 Jul 05
UN-HABITAT and UNDP have signed an agreement to support local government organizations in participatory rehabilitation planning in areas of Thailand hit by last December’s tsunami killer wave.
Tsunami shelter relief in Somalia  
Nairobi, 21 Jul 05
UN-HABITAT and UNICEF have announced a major project to provide shelter for over 2,400 people living in the tsunami-affected town of Hafun, North Eastern Somalia.
Major Japanese funding for human settlements upgrading in Afghanistan  
Nairobi, 18 Jul 05
The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security have announced that they will provide over 3 million US dollars towards upgrading homes and urban community facilities in informal settlements in the three Afghan cities of Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Jalalabad.
Working with the private sector on tsunami relief  
Nairobi, 4 Jul 05
Marking a new stage in its collaboration with the private sector, UN-HABITAT has signed an agreement with the Australian-based group, Bovis Lend Lease PTY Limited, to help rehabilitate areas of Sri Lanka devastated by last December’s tsunami killer wave.
Six months after tsunami, rehabilitation continues apace  
Nairobi, 1 Jul 05
Six months since an undersea earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia sending a tsunami killer wave on a roll of destruction and devastation, countries and people in the Indian Ocean have been brought together like never before to provide a wide range of support and rehabilitation.
Japanese assistance for displaced people and returning refugees in Somalia gets underway  
Hargeisa, 26 May 05
A Japanese funded programme to help resettle displaced people and refugees returning home in northern Somalia this week made major advances as the authorities agreed to set aside land for thousands of destitute people.
Progress on good governance in Somaliland  
Hargeisa, 25 May 05
The Ministry of Interior has said that the level of conflict within city councils has decreased as they move towards improving services and infrastructure in their districts following a recent urban forum.
Long-term tsunami reconstruction  
Medan, Indonesia, 5 May 05
"Once the humanitarian crisis is over, the cameras tend to leave just as the real hard work starts. I have therefore come to Banda Aceh and Nias at this critical time to see for myself how UN-HABITAT can help with the transition from relief to reconstruction,"Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, said during a visit to the region this week. "I am particularly pleased to be here at the same time as the launch of the Indonesian Government’s Blue Print for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in order to see how we can support the national government in implementing their plans."
Clinton seeks more cooperation between international community and the private sector  
New York, 26 Apr 05
Former US President Bill Clinton on Monday hailed recent collaboration between the United Nations and the private sector, saying they should work together more closely.
UN-HABITAT begins talks on slum upgrading in Iraq  
Amman, Jordan, 26 Apr 05
UN-HABITAT and the Iraqi ministries of Municipality and Public Works, and Construction and Housing on Tuesday started a two-day round-table meeting in Amman, Jordan, on a new slum upgrading strategy for Iraq.
Governments pressed on post-conflict and disaster rehabilitation  
Nairobi, Kenya, 7 Apr 05
National and local government leaders, NGOs and international aid agencies worldwide this week called for more support to help deal with the consequences of to natural and human-made disasters around the world.
Mrs. Tibaijuka Briefs Palestine Premier on Settlements Programme  
Ramallah, 23 Mar 05
UN-HABITAT's Executive Director, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka on Wednesday held a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Ahmed Qureia and briefed him on the work UN-HABITAT was doing in the area.
UN-HABITAT’s Executive Director holds talks with Israeli Vice Premier  
Jerusalem, 22 Mar 05
UN-HABITAT’s Executive Director Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka who is on a 5 day visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, on Tuesday met with Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres.
New housing programme launched in Serbia  
Belgrade, 11 Mar 05
UN-HABITAT this week launched a new 15 million euro social and housing integration programme for tens of thousands of war refugees and other vulnerable people in Serbia with funding provided by Italy.
Inclusive urban planning to help regenerate historic Mostar  
Mostar, 24 Feb 05
UN-HABITAT has extended its post-conflict activities in the Western Balkans to the city of Mostar, where it will introduce a new, inclusive urban planning programme aimed at helping regenerate the city and further reconciling its once divided communities.
Fukuoka citizens step in for tsunami victims  
Fukuoka, 24 Feb 05
Residents of Fukuoka in Japan have donated more than US$ 300,000 through UN-HABITAT to help bring relief to victims of the giant tsunami wave that claimed thousands of lives and destroyed vast tracts of land and property in several Indian Ocean countries last December.
China pledges USD 500,000 for UN-HABITAT Tsunami Appeal  
Nairobi, 22 Feb 05
The Government of China on Monday pledged a donation of US$ 500,000 for UN-HABITAT’s Tsunami appeal.
Italy releases funds for implementation of Serbian housing programme  
Belgrade, 28 Jan 05
UN-HABITAT this week received 5.9 million euros from the Italian Goverment to start implementation of a new social and housing integration programme for tens of thousands of war refugees and other vulnerable people in Serbia.
UN-HABITAT briefs Japan on Iraq reconstruction  
Tokyo, 24 Jan 05
Mr. Daniel Biau, Deputy Executive-Director of UN-HABITAT paid an official visit to the Government of Japan on 17 January to brief the officials on progress achieved in implementing the Japan-funded projects for the reconstruction of Iraq.
Concerns for small island states highlighted in wake of Tsunami  
Mauritius, 17 Jan 05
At a recently concluded International meeting on Small Island Developing States, UN-HABITAT tabled the problems and possibilities of managing sustainable human settlements development in these vulnerable habitats.
UN-HABITAT launches Tsunami recovery programme  
Nairobi, 17 Jan 05
Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, has launched a Tsunami Human Settlements Recovery Facility at a recently concluded UN conference of Small Island Developing States.
Japan announces major post-tsunami emergency aid package  
Tokyo, 12 Jan 05
The Japanese Government has allocated US$ 3 million to UN-HABITAT for emergency rehabilitation following last month’s disaster caused by an earthquake off the coast of Sumatra that sent massive tsunami waves crashing into several Indian Ocean countries taking a huge toll in lives and property.
Clarification of UN-HABITAT's audit reports under OFFP in Iraq  
Nairobi, 12 Jan 05
Mr. Paul Volcker and the Independent Inquiry Committee (IIC) released on 9 January 2005, on their website, 58 internal audit reports on the Oil-for-Food Programme (OFFP) and the UN Compensation Commission. In addition, they put out a briefing paper on the audit reports. Five of the 58 audit reports published are on UN-HABITAT operations.
Beijing’s Vice-Mayor visits UN-HABITAT  
Nairobi, 11 Jan 05
The Vice-Mayor of Beijing Municipality, Mr. Zhihua Liu, visited UN-HABITAT headquarters in Nairobi on Monday and held talks with Mr. Daniel Biau, Deputy Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, and other senior officials of the organization.
UN-HABITAT ready to help with post-tsunami reconstruction  
Nairobi, 7 Jan 05
UN-HABITAT has initiated a rapid response aimed at helping the survivors of the tsunami to rebuild their lives.
UN-HABITAT and EC sign grant agreement for Somalia  
Nairobi, 5 Jan 05
UN-HABITAT and the European Commission signed a 5 million Euro grant agreement, on 22 December 2004, for the implementation of the Somalia Urban Development Programme.
Tsunami emergency response  
Nairobi, 5 Jan 05
In the wake of the tsunami disaster, UN-HABITAT is working with the overall UN coordination system to prepare emergency and reconstruction proposals for Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Somalia.
UN-HABITAT to brief Japanese Government on Iraq reconstruction  
Nairobi, 4 Jan 05
UN-HABITAT’s Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Daniel Biau, will next week embark on an official visit Japan to brief the country’s officials on the progress the agency has made in reconstruction work in Iraq.
Regional heads of state push for peace in the Great Lakes region  
Dar Es Salaam, 22 Dec 04
Regional Heads of State last month held a summit meeting in Tanzania aimed at getting lasting solutions to the strife torn Great Lakes Region.
UN Security Council on Africa peace mission  
Nairobi, 24 Nov 04
The United Nations Security Council this week embarked on a peace mission to Africa's Great Lakes region as part of an historic visit that started with a meeting in Nairobi to consolidate a deal aimed at ending two decades of north-south conflict between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement.
UN-HABITAT and ACP Group sign cooperation agreement  
Brussels, 25 Oct 04
UN-HABITAT and the Brussels-based African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP Group) have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at promoting sustainable urbanization and the eradication of poverty in ACP countries.
Special award for Lebanese Prime Minister  
Nairobi, 4 Sept 04
Prime Minister Rafic Hariri of Lebanon has been bestowed the prestigious Special Citation of the UN-HABITAT Scroll of Honor Award, 2004, for his outstanding and visionary leadership in the post-conflict reconstruction of Lebanon – the highest award given by the United Nations for achievements in the field of human settlements.
Kabul Gets New District Offices  
Kabul, Afghanistan, 21 Aug 04
Until recently, most of the District Offices in Kabul Municipality were either dilapidated or non-existent. Now, thanks to support provided by UN-HABITAT, 11 of the 17 districts in the city have an office. Mayor Ghulam Sakhi Noorzad inaugurated the newest of these offices – in District 17 – on 17 August 2004. Construction of another office in District 16 is expected to be completed later this month.
Housing and social integration programme starts in Serbia  
Belgrade, 17 Aug 04
UN-HABITAT on Tuesday announced that it had signed agreements with the Serbian cities of Kragujevac and Nis to begin implementation of a new social and housing integration programme for tens of thousands of war refugees and other vulnerable people in Serbia. Under a “quick start” initiative building will begin in October.
New housing and social integration programme gets underway for Serbian refugees  
Belgrade, 13 Jul 04
UN-HABITAT on Tuesday announced the launch of a major new housing and social integration programme for tens of thousands of war refugees and other vulnerable people in Serbia with financial support from the Italian Government.
UN-HABITAT to play stronger humanitarian role  
Nairobi, 14 Jun 04
UN-HABITAT has been invited to participate as a full member of the UN’s Executive Committee for Humanitarian Affairs (ECHA) in a move that will strengthen its work in countries recovering from conflict or natural disasters like Afghanistan, Kosovo, Liberia, or Haiti and enable the agency to cooperate more closely with major UN bodies involved in humanitarian work around the world.
High-Level advisory panel meets on Iraq reconstruction  
Amman, Jordan, 26 May 04
The Third Consultative Meeting of the High-Level Advisory Panel for the Reconstruction of Iraq met in the Jordanian capital, Amman, 18 – 19 May to discuss funding and implementation of the UN-HABITAT Urban and Housing Rehabilitation Programme (UHRP).
Nairobi, 7 Apr 04
Hundreds of United Nations staff members gathered at the Memorial Garden, Gigiri, in Nairobi to observe the International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda. Acting Director-General of the United Nations Office at Nairobi, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, read the Secretary-General's message commemorating the 10th anniversary of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.
New urban rehabilitation plan for Iraq  
Amman, 25 Feb 04
UN-HABITAT and officials of interim government in Iraq have agreed to embark on a new Urban and Housing Rehabilitation Programme under which UN-HABITAT will help promote sustainable post-war reconstruction. Japan has contributed US $8.8 million for a post-war school and community rehabilitation project in southern Iraq.
UN-HABITAT to help Iran earthquake victims  
BAM, Iran, 19 Feb 04
UN-HABITAT has been invited by Iran to assist with reconstruction in the historic Silk Road city of Bam following a devastating earthquake that claimed more than 43,000 lives and destroyed homes, schools, offices and other infrastructure.
A unique local community development programme in Afghanistan  
Kabul, 16 Feb 04
A new National Solidarity Programme aimed at strengthening a network of some 30,000 self-governing local community institutions in Afghanistan has been established by the government with the support of UN-HABITAT.
UN-HABITAT and UNHCR sign agreement to help bridge the gap between relief and development  
Geneva, 17 Dec 03
Mr. Ruud Lubbers, the High Commissioner of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and the Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, today signed an operational Memorandum of Understanding, to improve their collaboration in delivering durable shelter solutions for refugees and returnees.
UN-HABITAT unveils new Iraq reconstruction plan and an immediate needs strategy in Madrid  
, 23 Oct 03
Senior United Nations officials and representatives of donor governments gathered in the Spanish capital Madrid on Thursday for two days of talks aimed finding the funds and political consensus to rebuild Iraq. Set to play a major role if called upon, UN-HABITAT has a new game plan for longer-term urban rehabilitation and governance, and a fresh strategy for immediate needs.
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