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Personal Stories

UN-HABITAT makes a difference in youth Lives.
6 Jul 09
Over the past years, the urban population has continued to rise at unprecedented rates as more and more people move from rural to urban areas in search of better opportunities and “living standards”, majority of who are the youth. This has increased the competitiveness of the strained labour market further compounded by the prevailing global economic crisis that has led to thousands of job cuts. While the youth globally experience similar challenges, the youth in informal settlements are more challenged, given the fact that most of them are stricken by poverty and have limited or no skills at all.


Youth Empowerment Programme Interviews
6 Jan 09
The three youth interviewed here are residents of Kibera, the largest informal settlement in Africa and one of Nairobi’s poorest neighbourhoods. They are participants in the Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP) in Kenya. An initiative of UN-HABITAT, YEP began in 2008 following a catalytic donation by Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. The fourth interview is with a resident of Mavoko who works in a support role to the first phase of the YEP taking place in her neighbourhood.


Stephen Nyaga, Founder and Director, Urban Volunteers Organization (UVO)
6 Jan 09
“The Nairobi One Stop centre is very important – it promotes social cohesion and integration. Youth need a centre, a place to meet, share and learn together. Having such a space shows that youth are cared for, and it’s a platform for their self-development.


Interview with Hasina Hamza, Student
6 Jan 09
As member of one of the youth organizations in Dar es Salaam, I participated in some training organized by the One Stop Youth Centre staff, and from then I began to hear more about the One Stop activities and get engaged with the centre more.


Interview with Benjamin Gahuza, University Student
6 Jan 09
I first heard about the coming One Stop Centre in Kigali from a student-sensitization course with our local Habitat UN Volunteer, Sylvie. Her presentation interested me and I asked how I could help serve in the efforts to empower youth. She asked what area I’d be interested in supporting, and based on my studies I chose Finance and Auditing, as well as Marketing.

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