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HSP/GC/20/1 Youth and human settlements
- Social Inclusion
- Youth
HSP/GC/20/2 Establishment of the African Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development
- Urban Development and Management
- City-to-City Cooperation
- Technical cooperation
HSP/GC/20/3 Preservation and sustainable development of oases
- Environment and Climate Change
- Environmental Sustainability
- Natural Resource Management
HSP/GC/20/4 Least developed countries
- Urban Development and Management
HSP/GC/20/5 Access to basic services for all within the context of sustainable human settlements
- Social Inclusion
HSP/GC/20/6 Best practices, good policies and enabling legislation in support of Sustainable urbanization and the attainment of internationally agreed development goals
- Information and Monitoring
- Urban Development and Management
HSP/GC/20/7 Gender equality in human settlements development
- Social Inclusion
- Gender
- Land and Housing
- Housing rights
- Land & Tenure
- Slum / human settlements upgrading
HSP/GC/20/8 Sustainable development of Arctic cities
- Information and Monitoring
- Urban Development and Management
HSP/GC/20/9 Small island developing States
- Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation
- Natural and man-made disasters
HSP/GC/20/10 World Urban Forum
- Information and Monitoring
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