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A Tale of Four Cities  
View Details Cities share common crises which endanger the sustainability of our habitat. This programme looks at the lives of ordinary families and describes the deteriorating urban environment in Chennai (India), Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania), Katowice (Poland) and ...
Year: 1998, Video format:, Type of publication: Video
Given a Voice... Poor Urban Children in Accra  
View Details In the fast growing cities of Africa such as Accra, more and more children are neglected. Urban renewal is not possible without taking into account the needs and concerns of the poor children of our cities.
Year: 1997, Video format:, Type of publication: Video
A Vision for Essaouira  
View Details The grand hopes for an ecologically sustainable future comes down to the micro-management polices of local authorities. To help Localise Agenda 21, UNCHS(Habitat) is working with the local authority of Essauoira, a small seaside resort in Morocco.
Year: 1995, Video format:, Type of publication: Video
A Flight of Flamingoes  
View Details Unless the urban expansion of Nakuru is designed carefully, it could threaten the flamingoes of the world famous Lake Nakuru National Park. As part of its Localising Agenda 21 Initiative, UNCHS (Habitat) is working with the Municipality of Nakuru to ...
Year: 1995, Video format:, Type of publication: Video
View Details This video is the second in a projected series on the work of the Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP). In this programme the environmental consequences of industrialization and economy are brought into focus in Katowice, Poland.
Year: 1993, Video format:, Type of publication: Video
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