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2018 First Formal Meeting of the Working Group on Programme and Budget schedule, 9:00am, 20 November 2018, Conference Room 14
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00. Note Verbale ·
 Note Verbale English 12-Nov-18

01. Opening and Welcome ·

02. Adoption of the Agenda ·
 Provisional Agenda English 15-Nov-18

03. Briefing by the Executive Director ·

04. Financial situation, Austerity measures and Resource mobilization ·
  Resource Mobilization Strategy 2018-2019 English 12-Nov-18
 Financial Situation and Austerity Measures English 15-Nov-18
 Resource Mobilization Strategy 2018-2019 English 12-Nov-18

05. Management reform and staffing ·
 Presentation of the staffing chart displaying all level of contracts and the geographical distribution English 12-Nov-18

06. Update on the development of the Strategic Plan 2020-2025 ·
 Zero Strategic Plan 2020-2025 English 15-Nov-18

07. Governance reform of UN-Habitat ·

08. Any other business ·
 Recommendation 5.1 and 5.3-Briefing Note on Efficiency of Rules and regulations English 15-Nov-18
 Recommendation 5.2-Briefing note on distribution of resources across programmatic areas and regions English 15-Nov-18
 Recommendation 5.4- Draft SOP for Global website management English 15-Nov-18
 Recommendation 5.4- Website progress English 15-Nov-18
 Recommendation 5.5- UN-Habitat Normative Operational Work English 15-Nov-18
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