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The main objective of GENUS is to promote sustainable energy access with particular focus on the urban poor. Under the theme “Pro-poor Access to Urban Energy Services”, this is to be achieved through:

  • Contribution to slum electrification;
  • Access to sustainable cooking and heating/cooling systems;
  • Appropriate renewable energy solutions (e.g. for lighting, water pumping, heating, drying);
  • Energy efficiency measures in urban areas;
  • Sustainable mobility; and,
  • Pro-poor energy policies, financing, design, planning and capacity building options

The aforementioned core theme is aligned to the UN “Sustainable Energy for All” initiative as it includes: Energy Access; Energy Efficiency; and Renewable Energy.

By facilitating sharing of information through a global base of knowledge on energy related topics, with a special focus on the urban poor, GENUS hopes to foster commitment and interest in the application of new and improved energy-access policies, and increase the number of local authorities active in the area of improving access to clean modern energy services, including those for the urban poor.

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