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Background Studies 2011
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A series of background studies was commissioned specifically for this Global Report to illustrate empirical conditions and trends; as well as effective policy responses. Many of the illustrative boxes contained in the different chapters of Cities and Climate Change are based on these background studies, while some of the experiences described in the studies – including related empirical evidence – are also directly integrated within the text of the chapters of the report.

A typical illustrative box in Cities and Climate Change uses only a portion of the full case study, so that the 'full story' of the experience on which the box is based may not be apparent to the reader. For the benefit of those readers who may want to get even more details on these studies, the full versions of all background studies are available electronically below.

GRHS 2011
GRHS 2011
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Case studies

The Contribution of Urban Areas to Climate Change: New York City Case Study (1.81MB)

The Contribution of Urban Areas to Climate Change: The Case Study of São Paulo, Brazil (153KB)

Accra Ghana: A City Vulnerable to Flooding and Drought-Induced Migration (951KB)

Climate Change in Hamilton City, New Zealand: Sectoral Impacts and Governmental Response (403KB)

Climate's Long-term Impacts on Mexico's City Urban Infrastructure (256KB)

Climate Change Mitigation in Beijing, China  (229KB)

Changing Perceptions of Climate Mitigation Among Competing Priorities: The Case of Durban, South Africa (154KB)

Climate Change Mitigation in Los Angeles, US (126KB)

Tomorrow is too Late: Responding to Social and Climate Vulnerability in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (248KB)

Cities and Climate Change: Adaptation in London, UK  (636KB)

Thematic studies

Gender, Cities and Climate Change (413KB)

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