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Audit Reports
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UN-Habitat Internal Audit function is carried out by the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) which exercises operational independence under the authority of the United Nations Secretary- General and the General Assembly in conducting its duties. OIOS has the authority to initiate, carry out and report on any action that it considers necessary to fulfil its oversight responsibilities. 

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In accordance with General Assembly resolution 59/272, OIOS makes its reports available to any Member State who makes a request.

If you wish to obtain copies of the internal audit reports pertaining to UN-HABITAT:

  1. Please send a formal request to OIOS to obtain copies of selected audit report already published by OIOS as well as receipt of all future audit reports concerning UN-HABITAT using this template letter.
  2. In order to select specific audit reports already published by OIOS,
    1. Please visit OIOS IAD website  by clicking the following hyperlink http://www.un.org/Depts/oios/pages/reports_pm.html 
    2. Click the period for which you want the report (e.g. ‘1 July 2010- to Present’ )
    3. Click sort by Client (iv) Take down the UN-HABITAT Report No
    4. Email a scanned copy of the letter to Byung-Kun Min (Mr), Chief Office of the USG, Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) at min2@un.org


In accordance with the United Nations Financial Rules and Regulations, the accounts and management operations of the UN-Habitat are audited by the United Nations Board of Auditors. The Board of Auditors are independent external auditors established by the General Assembly in 1946 and comprise the Heads of three Supreme Audit Institutions operating in a collegial manner. Each member of the Board serves for a non-renewable term of six years.

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Click here for copies of UN-HABITAT audited financial statements and report of the Board of Auditors

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