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Special Intiatives
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The Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Initiative is a collaborative project between UN-HABITAT and the Governments of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The project, which is supported by the Government of the Netherlands, addresses the water and sanitation needs of the people, particularly the poor, in the secondary urban centres around Lake Victoria. The initiative has a clear pro-poor focus, and it will improve access to water and sanitation services, solid waste management and drainage at the various project sites in the three countries.

The Mekong Water and Sanitation Initiative (MEK-WATSAN)

The Mekong region is a geographical area centered around the world's 12th largest river, the Mekong. UN-HABITAT in partnership with the Asia Development Bank is working to help the governments of the Mekong region attain water and sanitation related Millennium Development Goals. The participating members of this initiative are Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China.

The Sanitation – vacutug

On-site human waste disposal still remains the only option for the millions of poor living in informal settlements and unplanned areas. The conventional waterborne sewerage is hampered by a multitude of limitations in these areas and consequently simple and ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines remain the common choice of sanitation facility. In these settlements, when the latrines become full the closing down and relocation of these latrines is often not possible because of the limitation of space and so they have to be emptied. Emptying of pit latrines is done either manually or mechanically.


 Evaluation Report on the UN-HABITAT Vacutug pit latrine exhausting technology
 Fact sheet UN-Habitat Water and Sanitation-Tanzania 6-Nov-13
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 The tool for rapid assessment of Urban Mobility in Cities with Data Scarcity
UN-Habitat Urban Energy strategy
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 Global energy network for urban settlements -Best Practice Casebook
 Compilation of best practices in urban water - Senegal one
 Compilation of best practices in urban water - Senegal
 Gender focused Micro-credit sanitation programme in Africa
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 G053936 Report on Training course for policy makers on sustainable consumption and HVWSHE_2012-13
 S135249 Country specific fact sheet on the right to water and sanitation
 P092010 Publication on State of the Rights to Water and Sanitation
 P092009 Project on monitoring the MDG targets 10 and 11 in 17 towns in Laos with DoS
 P091994 MEKWATSAN External Evaluation Report_Final Draft
 G053929 Region wide water and sanitation training and capacity building
 F052437 Pilot Demonstration Projects in Participating cities Vietnam Cambodia Laos.pdf
 Evaluation of Kibera Water, Sanitation and Waste water project
 S135256 Factsheets on HVWSHE uner WAC and MEK-WATSAN
 Project on monitoring the MDG targets 10 and 11 in 17 towns in Laos with Department of statistics
 Post project implementation evaluation report - MEKWATSAN
 Toolkit for implementation of water and sanitation citizen observatories in Mexico
 Good Practice notes on environmentally sound practices in waste management Asia Pacific region
 Asian Sanitation Databook 2013
 Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Mobility-From Knowledge to practice
 Water and Sanitation in the World cities Looking ahead to 2050 - Literature review
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