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University Seminar and Workshop on Strengthening Climate Change in Planning Education
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Start Date : 1 Mar 10  
End Date : 5 Mar 10
Location: Manila, Philippines

In order to strengthen the issue of climate change in planning education, the Cities in Climate Change Academy (CCCA) calls for Habitat Partner Universities (HPU), local universities and local continuous learning institutions to adapt their teaching curricula and research to incorporate the issue of cities in climate change and exercise action-research in CCCI partner cities.

To further the development of the Cities in Climate Change Academy, three workshops will be organized between March and June 2010. The first workshop will be held in Manila, 1-5 March 2010 with one workshop each to be held later in Uganda and in Ecuador. The workshops will address collaborations with Universities covering sub-regional meetings, the exchange of researchers and students, the development of university curricula and action research in the pilot cities.

Participation in the Philippines workshop, scheduled for early March 2010, will comprise approximately 25 university students for the three day seminar from local graduate planning schools and up to 10 faculty members from the hosting university, Habitat Partner Universities and other partner universities.

The regional workshop in the Philippines will involve a three-day seminar for university students including lectures and studio work coordinated by a local faculty member on topics of climate change relating specifically to adaptation, mitigation and urban planning. A workshop of the participating university lecturers has also been organised to discuss the development of the CCCA and the ongoing role that universities will play in the Academy. The outcomes for these workshops will then be developed as the curricula modules of the Cities in Climate Change Academy.


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