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3rd ACWUA Best Practice Conference and Exhibition - Non-Revenue Water Management in the Arab Region
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Start Date : 20 Jan 10  
End Date : 21 Jan 10
Location: Conference Centre, Office National de l”Eau Potable - Institut International de l´Eau et de l´Assainissement (ONEP-IEA), Rabat. Morroco

The reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is a key issue for increasing the performance of water utilities and supplying the population with sufficient clean drinking water. Several big utilities have already started programmes to reduce NRW step-by-step. It is well known that many institutions and water suppliers have developed and implemented strategies and technologies to control leakage and administrative losses. These strategies have turned out to be highly efficient and have received worldwide recognition.

The 3rd ACWUA Best Practice Conference and Exhibition: Non-Revenue Water Management in the Arab Region is an opportunity for leading personnel to delve deeply into the main aspects related to NRW. It will bring together experts from all stakeholders involved in NRW, especially operators and operational staff from the Arab Region. The objective of the conference is to gather together applicable knowledge of

  • Possible strategies, techniques and applications,
  • Regionally approved case studies,
  • Useful tools as well as
  • Clear concepts of the dimensions of integrated NRW management
  • in order to apply the best available technical and managerial solutions in improving the control of NRW usage and in reducing water losses for utilities in Arab countries.

This Conference and Exhibition is to be hosted by the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA). For the local organisation, IEA-ONEP, an active member of ACWUA is in charge. The event will be realized in joint cooperation with UNW-DPC and UN-HABITAT as their Regional Activity on Capacity Development for Water Efficiency as follow-up of the recommendations of the International Workshop on "Drinking Water Loss Reduction: Developing Capacity for Applying Solutions", held on 3-5 September 2008 in Bonn, Germany. In order to address this problem at the regional level, UNW-DPC and UN-HABITAT are jointly organizing a series of regional workshops. This is the first regional workshop in the Arab region and will ensure a programme which goes beyond purely regional experiences.

For more information please see http://www.acwua.org/index.php?id=91


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