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Promoting Energy Access for the urban poor in Africa. Slum electrification: challenges to be addressed
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Start Date : 26 Oct 09  
End Date : 28 Oct 09
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Cities in developing countries require a rapid increase in energy production and consumption to accelerate economic development, alleviate poverty and meet the basic needs of their populations. Urban areas are hub for economic development; they offer special opportunities and need thus special attention. The current political/environmental agenda in many of those countries is still fragile, and different challenges constrain the capacity of city managers to conceive and design appropriate programs and policies in support of energy access for poor urban settlements.

The Global Energy Network for the Urban Settlements (GENUS) was established by UN-HABITAT in order to encourage and support the design and implementation of energy-access programmes and projects for the urban poor worldwide. This is a dynamic new partnership and collaboration with multiple institutions and stakeholders, including the public and private sectors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, grass-roots groups, national and international development agencies, working in the urban energy sector. GENUS aims to provide world-wide exchange and dissemination of best practices and technologies, awareness creation, capacity-building, advocacy, tools development and knowledge management.

For the purpose of launching the GENUS network and programme of work on Slum Electrification in Africa, a workshop will be held at UN-HABITAT Headquarters in Nairobi. It will bring together key agencies, institutions and stakeholders involved in urban energy issues in Africa. Besides, it will provide an in action-oriented forum for the exchange and integration of various best practices, lessons learnt and perspectives represented by the experts, into the development of a programme of action for improving energy access for the urban poor in Africa.

For further information, please contact the Workshop Secretariat on genus@unhabitat.org, or refer to the attached Aide-Memoire.

 Slum Electrification Africa Aide-Memoire English

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