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Darfur: Preparing for Sustainable Reconstruction of Shelter, Community Infrastructure and Land Tenure
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If all estimated 400,000 families currently displaced in Darfur return to their places of origin and reconstruct their destroyed homes utilizing the traditional building practices with wood as the main structural element, they will need to find and cut an estimated 16 million mature trees. This would obviously be an environmental, social and economic disaster. The programme is designed to clarify various technical issues, which need to be assessed and agreed upon prior to the return of displaced persons. The preparatory period provides an opportunity to define technical and organizational solutions with all stakeholders, which can promote a return process that is focused on protecting the environment, maximizing community service delivery and supporting durable settlements solutions.
Location: El Fasher and Nyala
- Regional Office for Arab States
Partner: State authorities, localities, CBOs/NGOs, IDP communities and academia
Donor: UK Department for International Development (DFID)
- Training and capacity building
- Land and Housing
- Building materials and technology
- Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation
- Post conflict assessment and reconstruction
Cost: USD 1,157,851

Background and objectives:

The project aims at contributing to the operationalization and localization of the overall strategies for sustainable utilization of natural resources as the foundation for the forthcoming reconstruction in Darfur. While preparing for reconstruction, the project directly contributes to reducing the use of wood in the large-scale community based reconstruction of destroyed houses and community and public infrastructure and thus limit further deforestation. It also supports the national poverty eradication strategy through arresting environmental degradation, empowering local communities, vulnerable groups and civil society organizations. It will also create an enabling environment for the development and promotion of the private sector and build the institutional capacity in terms of land tenure reforms.

The overall objective is to build a foundation for the post-conflict sustainable recovery in Darfur through adaptation and implementation of woodless building techniques and strengthening capacities on land regularization and dispute resolution processes. In collaboration with Darfur organizations and initiatives, the project aims at accelerating, coordinating and providing technical leadership to the preparations of the early recovery programme in order to ensure seamless transition to reconstruction.

The main activities include:

  • Changing the building technology to avoid accelerated deforestation both before and during the return of displaced persons
  • Training a critical mass of IDPs and residents in “woodless” building technologies and village planning before the reconstruction
  • Promoting availability of “woodless” building materials for the reconstruction.
  • Initiating a reconstruction support system for the coordination of the implementation

Expected results include:

  • Consensus on “woodless” technologies among key stakeholders
  • Mobilize partners for the technical training and the building of demonstration units.
  • Develop training strategies and programmes including specific tools, manuals and handouts.
  • Develop implementation strategies for the delivery of community-based reconstruction, including the provision of “woodless” building materials by local community groups or small enterprises.
  • Develop woodless technology workshops among partners and stakeholders;
  • Technical training workshops for demonstration projects to accelerate housing construction;
  • Raise awareness and strengthen capacities of all stakeholders in terms of land and property tenure, restitution and dispute resolution.
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