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ED's Video Message on the International Youth Day 2008
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International Youth Day 2008


This year’s International Youth Day will be celebrated on Tuesday 12th August 2008 all over the world. Various activities have been planned in different countries across the globe. UN-HABITAT executive Director has recorded a video message for that day whereby she has supported UN Secretary- General’s message on greater involvement of youth on combating climate change. She reiterates that today’s young people will bear the consequences of climate change if immediate measures are not taken to tackle this phenomenon. More so in developing countries, youth are often responsible for farming, finding water and collecting fuel wood. These tasks will be rendered more difficult – and will take even more time away from education or productive activities – as climate change affects the availability of water, agricultural productivity and the survival of ecosystems.

Message from Anna Tibaijuka, UN Under-Secretary General & Executive Director, UN-HABITAT on The International Youth Day

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