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Expert Group Meeting
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Start Date : 21 Apr 08  
End Date : 22 Apr 08
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

To strengthen the development of the operational design of the experimental reimbursable seeding operations and other innovative mechanisms, UN-Habitat, since October 2007, has consulted with internationally-recognized experts and potential partners in the area of pro-poor housing and infrastructure finance.

The expert workshop in Stockholm in April 2008 continued this consultation. The purpose of the Expert Group Meeting was to present the strategy and approach of the initiative to experts in the field and receive guidance on key operational issues and the implementation strategy. A further purpose was to gather ideas on potential ERSO operations.

The expert group meeting brought together more than 50 participants covering a wide range of shelter finance professionals and institutions from all regions. Through a series of workshop discussions and presentations made by participants, a promising basis for selecting and designing specific operations was established.

Based on the outcomes of the workshop, efforts in the coming months will centre on project identification and development to generate several business plans for ERSO operations. Project ideas will be reviewed in consultation with sponsoring organizations. Proposals will be identified that have the potential to be developed into experimental low-income shelter finance operations. Compilation and documentation innovative mechanisms for low-income shelter finance will also continue.

Workshop Programme Elements and Inputs

Welcome Addresses and Orientation
  • Carl-Eric Stålberg, Executive Chairman, Swedbank
  • Inga Bjork-Klevby, Deputy Executive Director, UN-Habitat
  • Albert Diphoorn, Director UN-Habitat Human Settlements Financing Division
UN-HABITAT and Swedbank Presentations

Presentations and Inputs by participating Experts

  1. Presentations by Domestic Banking Institutions and UN-Habitat Regional Offices
  1. KfW's experiences in Germany with the principle of on-lending banks to promote housing and climate investments (Ms. Karin Hoensch-Walter)
Final Panel Discussion: Implications of the Workshop Discussions for ERSO Implementation
  • World Bank (Mr. Loïc Chiquier), Barclays Bank (Mr. Anil Kumar), Newline Capital (Ms. Barbara C. Hewson), Rockefeller Foundation (Mr. Robert Buckley), Rooftops Canada (Mr. Jamie Ritchie)
Reflections by CPR and Country Representatives
  • Representatives of Argentina (Mr. Daniel Chuburu), Finland (Mr. Martti Lujanen), Spain (Mr. Manuel de la Rocha Vasquez), UK (Mr. Jon Geddes)
Information Session for Prospective Members of the ERSO Steering and Monitoring Committee
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