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Rehabilitation of Community Facilities and Infrastructure
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Many years of sanctions and conflict have taken their toll on housing and basic infrastructure in Iraqi cities.
Location: Baghdad, Basrah, Samawa, and Najaf.
- Regional and Technical Cooperation Division
- Regional Office for Arab States
Partner: Government of Iraq, Ministries of Public Works and Construction, Housing, Municipalities, UN-HABITAT
Donor: United Nations Development Group (UNDG Trust Fund)
- Urban Development and Management
- Training and capacity building
- Land and Housing
- Slum / human settlements upgrading
- Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation
- Post conflict assessment and reconstruction
Cost: USD 16,020,000
Background and objectives:

Many years of sanctions and conflict have taken their toll on housing and basic infrastructure in Iraqi cities. The project addresses the rehabilitation of severely dilapidated houses in several run-down urban areas and of water and sanitation facilities in Baghdad, Basrah, Samawa, and Najaf.  The aim is to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable groups, primarily the urban poor, women-headed households and people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The main activities include:

  • Rehabilitation of 2,000 housing units (500 in Basrah, 400 in Baghdad, 500 in Najaf, 500 in Samawa and 100 in Erbil).
  • Rehabilitation of three orphanages (one in Baghdad, two in Kirkuk) and construction of a new orphanage in Samawa.
  • Rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage systems through the rehabilitation of 14 water treatment plants and related pumping facilities, two storage reservoirs and over 80 kilometres of water and sewer networks, as well as the procurement of tools and equipment to enhance the capacity of the municipalities to undertake better operation and maintenance of the water and sewer networks.
  • Clean up of eight neighbourhoods and reactivation of solid waste management systems.
  • Procurement of solid waste management equipment and setting up community based approaches to the provision of basic services.

Additional activities:

  • Rehabilitation of 460 housing units (220 in Basrah, 49 in Baghdad, four in Erbil, 187 in Samawa.)
  • Rehabilitation of two public hospitals in Samawa.
  • Rehabilitation of a youth centre in Samawa.
  • Construction of a primary health centre in Samawa.

The results achieved so far have included:

  • 2,450 housing units (720 in Basrah, 439 in Baghdad, 500 in Najaf, 687 in Samawa and 104 in Erbil) rehabilitated.
  • One new orphanage care centre constructed in Samawa.
  • Two water treatment plants, one storage tank in Samawa, and 13 potable water compact units in Basrah villages rehabilitated.
  • Work on stormwater network in three neighbourhoods in Samawa.
  • Primary health centre constructed in Samawa serving 1,500 patients per week
  • Youth centre constructed in Samawa.
  • Expansion of Samawa maternity and children’s hospital underway
  • Public hospital rehabilitated in Samawa with 64 beds.
  • Solid waste management equipment procured, including 10 garbage collection vehicles and five tippers.
  • Procurement of sewerage inspection system and cleaning tools for Baghdad Sewerage Directorate underway.
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