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Given the challenge of urban poverty, with 1 billion slum dwellers projected to rise to more than 1.3 billion by 2020, meeting the Millennium Goal 7 targets 10 and 11 on slums, water and sanitation will require a concerted approach to land, basic infrastructure and services, affordable housing solutions, and accessible housing finance systems, through partnerships engaging the private sector. UN-HABITAT is well aware that the private sector is not only part of the solution, but a vital part that must be engaged if the world’s cities are to achieve sustainability. The private sector and the UN share common objectives of more efficient, productive and inclusive cities.

UN-HABITAT seeks alliances with the business community that can help us fulfill our mission, by supporting its work, directly or indirectly.

UN-HABITAT looks for partnerships with entities that display corporate responsibility in the community; make a positive contribution to the urban environment; have a record of socially-responsive behaviour; have responsive labour and environmental practices.

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