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Kiambu, Kenya, 17 Feb 14

UN-Habitat is stepping up its cooperation with Kiambu County in Kenya.

The agency recently sent two consultants to Kiambu who conducted a scoping survey on helping the county government streamline and strengthen its revenue collection. Last week, the consultants appraised members of the county government on their findings, setting the stage for further cooperation.

Speaking during the occasion, the Kiambu Deputy Governor Mr. Gerald GithinjiGakuha expressed his appreciation for UN-Habitat’s support. “We are very happy with what you are doing in our county and more so in the area of revenue enhancement,” he said.

This was a follow-up to a visit late last year by Ms. AxumiteGebre-Egziabher, the Regional Director for Africa. During that visit the KiambuGovernor Mr. William Kabogosought to estbalish strategic partnership with UN-Habitat to help his government manage urbanisation challenges being faced by the new governorate.

Mr. Kabogo noted that UN-Habitat’s work was timely in the County.

Bordering Nairobi City County to the northwest, Kiambu is one of Nairobi’s important dormitory counties and is one of the richest counties in Kenya. Kenya adopted a new constitution in 2010 which saw the government adopt devolution. Albeit many teething problems, the general view in the country is that the 47 counties stood a better chance of bringing quality services to the populace.

Last month, UN-Habitat Executive Director Dr. Joan Clos visited another county neighbouring Nairobi, Machakos where he met the Governor Mr. Alfred Mutua. At a press conference after the meeting, the two announced that UN-Habitat was one of the partners that had been invited to participate in the development of the proposed Machakos City, the first ever urban centre in Kenya to be built from scratch.

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