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Seoul, 8 Nov 13
A guidebook on urban planning was this week launched on the sidelines of the Regional Network of Local Authorities (CITYNET) Seoul Congress 2013.

UN-Habitat together with CITYNET Secretary General Vijay Jagannathan and Vinay Lall of Society for Development Studies, India launched the Urban Planning for Coty Leaders guidebook. The book introduces in a plain and direct language key planning principles to mayors and is rich of examples and visual materials. It also links urban planning decisions to the key problems faced by mayors: congestion, service provision, spreading informality, urban insecurity etc.

Mr. Jagannath stressed the importance for mayors to access information relevant for their work and in the right format, and the interest of CITYNET in further using the material within its network. 'I have read the book and I found it both easy to read and informative. The format with information on each topic concentrated in few pages makes the content really accessible and easy to use".

Mr. Lall appreciated CITYNET’s involvement in the preparation of the book and stressed the importance of the link made by the book between urban planning and municipal financing and the need to develop this understanding among mayors.

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