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, 3 Oct 13

Orange Café, UNFPA, New York
Thursday 19th – Friday 20th September 2013

In this 2-day open discussion workshop, the Youth Envoy on Youth and the different UN entities of the IANYD took questions from youth representatives from different organizations and countries on the ways in which young people’s participation in the UN system can be  sustainable.

The youth present were divided into working groups focusing on different participation themes- such as selection criteria for youth participation in UN events, the development of youth-friendly communication strategies, etc – and the different groups were to come up with recommendations on the how-to’s of sustainable youth participation.

The youth representatives from the joint UN-Habitat and GLTN project were involved in the different groups, and gave their input based on their diverse experience and involvement in UN processes. The 2-day session was rounded up with productive insights from different youth perspectives, and concluded with Ahmad Alhendawi’s statement of support to supporting the improvement of youth participation through strategic partnerships.

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