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World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders – 4th UCLG Congress - Imagine society, build democracy
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Start Date : 1 Oct 13  
End Date : 4 Oct 13
Location: Rabat, Morocco

UN-Habitat will be present at Rabat 2013 with the following events

  1. September 30th, 9h - 18.15h - Metropolitan governance and public-private partnerships

In recent years, the process of population concentration in global metropolitan areas has strongly deepened. Today, there are over 1.3 billion people living in cities with more than 1 million inhabitants. Overall, the institutional capacity of municipalities, as well as those of the structures designed to handle projects of common interest have proven insufficient to manage the complex range of services and infrastructures that metropolitan areas require.

The objective of this one-day learning session co-organised by the State of São Paulo and UN-Habitat is to discuss in detail the possible governance arrangements for metropolitan areas in developing countries and the role that public-private partnerships can play in order to benefit the society as a whole. Discussions will take place with experts from the State of São Paulo (Brazil), UN-Habitat, GIZ, Metropolis and UCLG.

Contactalbert.padros @ unhabitat.org ; State of São Paulo: cmastellaro @ gmail.com

Metropolitan Governance and Public-Private Partnerships Concept Note
  1. October 1st, 14h - Municipal law making for sustainable urban development

The session will focus on the institutional, legislative and financial constrains that make difficult for cities to perform their increasingly prominent role in law making and deliver a better quality of life for their urban dwellers. In particular, the session will draw on the practical experience of municipalities (case studies will be presented) and provide an opportunity to Mayors and representatives from local authorities to discuss challenges to their regulatory systems, including capacity building needs and reform priorities.

ContactRobert.Lewis-Lettington @ unhabitat.org

Event Description
Event Programme
  1. October 1st , 14h - UNACLA Special Meeting on Job Creation and Local Productivity

UNACLA is a high-level committee of Mayors nominated by UN-Habitat and the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). The purpose of the committee is to advise UN-Habitat and the United Nations system on issues concerning local governance and decentralization and on the implementation of the Habitat Agenda in general. The Habitat Agenda sets out approaches and strategies towards the achievement of sustainable development of the world’s urban areas.

The committee will be convening a special meeting at the UCLG Congress in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco to discuss UNACLA’s 2012/13 theme of Job Creation and Local Productivity, as well as Local Governments involvement in major global processes such as the Post 2015 Development Agenda and the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III).

Contact kyle.farrell@unhabitat.org

Event Programme
  1. October 3rd 9h - Strengthening solidarity among territories”

Inequalities between and within sub-national territories are as significant today as the inequalities between countries. Therefore, the challenge of reducing inequalities is posed also at the level of regions. Furthermore, urban-rural relationships are evolving. What urban-rural relationships are desirable to address the major challenges of the coming years? The implementation of national strategies with the participation of all actors is essential in order to ensure coherence between sub-national levels of governance and national dynamics. The increase of megacities and the links between them in regions like Africa and Asia are clearly stating the importance of regional corridors and their capacity to contribute to wealth.

Sub-national levels and cities, key economic players, can exert a considerable influence on growth through proactive policies. They are best placed to effectively carry out development policies in proximity to the population and economic and social stakeholders, and to afford solutions that meet expectations on the ground and the challenges of mobilising public and private stakeholders.

ContactDiana.lopez @ unhabitat.org

  1. October 3rd, 16h - Local Governments’ role in improving the quality of life and the Post-2015 Process.”

Local governments and the local public sector have an important role to play in the achievement of the set of global development goals that has been pursued since 2000.   Most development experts agree that the bulk of pro-poor public services that are relevant for the MDGs –including the provision of public education, basic health services, agricultural extension services, access to clean water, and so on– have to be delivered in a localized manner.

Contact michelle.soeller @ giz.de

  1. October 4th , 11h – Shaping the Urban Future: The future we want, Habitat III

The General Assembly of the United Nations has decided to convene a Third United Nations conference on housing and sustainable urban development (Habitat III). The main objective of this UN Conference is to reinvigorate the global commitment to sustainable urban development focusing on the implementation of a “New Urban Agenda”.

This conference will assess the Habitat II commitments in Istanbul 1996, but will also build on the outcomes of the major United Nations conferences and summits, such as the Rio+20 Declaration “The Future We Want” and the new development agenda for post-2015 that will concretize with the definition of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Conference will offer an opportunity for discussing the challenges that the urban dimension brings to the implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals.

This session will address the possibilities for local and regional governments to participate in Habitat III and to make their voice heard in the decision making process.

ContactDiana.lopez @ unhabitat.org

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