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Somaliland, 6 May 13
In December 2012, newly elected councillors and district mayors were inaugurated in most Somaliland districts. UN-Habitat, being a long-term development partner of these district authorities, received invitation letters to attend the inauguration ceremonies in Hargeisa, Boroma, and Burao. Abdirahman Adan Mahamoud and Asha Mohamed, two UN-Habitat staff from the Hargeisa office, attended the functions.

Eng. Hussein Mohamoud Jiciir, Abdirahman Shide Bille, and Mohamoud Ahmed Hassan, the three outgoing Mayors of Hargeisa, Boroma, and Burao, respectively, outlined the achievements and challenges during their reign. They also underlined the importance of the systems developed with the assistance of UN-Habitat and other agencies in the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery. In particular, they praised the automated financial management system that helped maximize municipal revenues, thereby improving the service delivery capacity of local governments in a number of districts. The new councillors and mayors meanwhile promised to maintain good working relations with UN-Habitat and the joint programme.

At the end of each ceremony, UN-Habitat received certificates of appreciation from the outgoing councillors and mayors for the positive role it has played in the development of systems, the rehabilitation and improvement of municipal buildings, and the training of councillors and municipal staff.

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