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i-HOUSE, International Expert Group Meeting on Sustainable Housing
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Start Date : 15 Dec 11  
End Date : 16 Dec 11
Location: Nairobi,Kenya

This event is bringing together world leading experts and institutions working in the field of green buildings, housing design and housing sustainability with a specific focus on indigenous building materials and traditional building practices in the context of slum upgrading, affordable housing, and post-crisis housing.

The EGM will introduce UN-HABITAT's initiative i-HOUSE: Housing Sustainability which focuses on the sustainability of affordable housing and green buildings in developing countries. The event will set the basis for constituting a Global Network for Sustainable Housing (GNSH) that will include leading institutions involved in sustainable housing practices and green housing projects worldwide. Finally, the experts' discussions will also lead to formulate and endorse an on-line knowledge platform, which will serve to build a global community of practice for housing sustainability and knowledge sharing.

The event will be a unique opportunity for reflecting on the current activities of UN-HABITAT and its partners, as well as offering a platform for networking and sharing experiences, in the field of sustainable housing and green buildings.

UN-Habitat wishes to inform that this event is designed to present the concept of sustainable housing and how it relates to the on-going initiatives of UN-HABITAT promoting green buildings and housing practices.

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