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The Palestinian Housing Council (PHC)
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PHC’s main objective is to explore practical ways that enable it to resolve the housing problem in the Palestinian Territories. In collaboration with Ministry of Social Affairs, PHC carries out social surveys to determine the housing needs of different target groups. As a result, several housing programs have been developed to serve different categories of the community.

Over its 16 years of operation and continuous work, PHC has succeeded in contributing approximately 150$ M in direct investments in the housing sector. 5204 families, approximately 29,657 inhabitants have benefited directly through PHC programs. 1,178 apartments in the Gaza Strip have been built, 408 house units in the West Bank cities, 703 houses in rural areas and 1,500 apartments in Jerusalem, moreover 241 houses have been rehabilitated and 70 houses and compounds have been rehabilitated in the old city of Jerusalem. Additionally, PHC has provided more than two million of working days for Palestinian workers, and 1,165 inhabitants have benefited from the loans installments for more than 23$ M. The PHC has dealt with housing issues in the city through its Department for the Reconstruction of Jerusalem. The PHC has been able to raise more than $47.1M for consolidating and preserving Arab identity in the city and contributing to solving the housing problem.

Through its various programs, PHC has positively impacted on the living standards and conditions, as well as created a suitable environment for numerous Palestinian families. It has reduced the percentage of the occupancy ratio in many families' habitations. Further, PHC has reduced the cost of construction of houses and reduced rural-urban migration by supporting the rural populace in having their homes in their own villages. PHC has rehabilitated houses and schools for people with special needs, as well as developed land for inhabitants’ settlements. PHC has also maximized the benefit of available construction licenses for people of Jerusalem.

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