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Luanda Urban Poverty Programme (LUPP)
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- Angola
- Social Inclusion
- Urban Development and Management

The Luanda Urban Poverty Programme (LUPP) was established as an empowerment programme to facilitate provision of basic services like: water, sanitation, child care support and microfinance to the poor in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. LUPP became operational in 1999, during one of the most destructive phases of the civil war (1975-2002). Due to the war, basic infrastructures were neglected or destroyed; about 4 million people were displaced, most of them seeking refuge in Luanda – a city designed for 750,000 inhabitants but currently accommodating 6 million. LUPP creates a conducive environment for communities to actively participate in securing and managing urban services. They also build local government capacity to engage, and plan with citizens to address identified priority needs.  It builds capacity so that communities can actively participate in municipal governance and advocate for, promote and influence pro-poor policies at the national level.

LUPP also created and transformed a microfinance project into KixiCredito, the first non-bank microfinance institution in Angola. KixiCredito has 13,000 clients (62% women), total cumulative loans of US$70 million (since 1999), with a 98% repayment rate in 2009.

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